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  5. "Вы где?" versus "Где Вы?"


"Вы где?" versus "Где Вы?"

I've noticed that you can ask someone (you formal) where they are by asking "Вы где?" Is it equally correct to say "Где Вы?" Why/why not?

November 27, 2015



Caveat: not a native speaker of Russian. But to my ear it feels like one of those times when the English and Russian usages overlap pretty well. If I say them just how they naturally 'fall out of my mouth', if you know what I mean, with the intonation that feels most organic and natural, "Where are you?" sounds like a simple, neutral query, like "Где вы?" whereas "You're where?" seems to have a note of exasperation or even an undertone of "Where have you got to?" about it, which goes fairly well with "Вы где?" YMMV, of course, but it might help with remembering?


Yeah, fair enough :)


«Где вы?» is the most generic form, the one usually used. «Вы где?» is also possible, and has a slightly confused or annoyed sound, as if you haven't the slightest clue where that person is.

In very short/colloquial sentences that immediately let you imagine different sorts of situations, we are rather forgiving with the word order—in all honesty, a whole number of contexts are equally valid for many such sentences, so the emphasis or the tone being different are justified.


Вы где? - You're where....? Вы где? - Where are you?


I think "Вы где?" has a little annoyed or impatient inflection, and that's the only difference.

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