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"Mia zia ha circa quarant'anni."

Translation:My aunt is about forty years old.

November 29, 2013



I am italian and you can say both "mia zia circa ha 40 anni" and "mia zia ha circa 40 anni", they both work. I guess it depends on what you want to highlight, that fact that she is ABOUT 40, or the fact that she IS 40 (but you don't remember the exact age) Word order doesn't matter too much in italian


Would it be correct to say "Mia zia ha circa di quarant'anni."


I would say "my aunt is around 40 years old" but it won't accept it.


In Australia, and other countries we say aunty , not always aunt


Too right Elizabeth. I've just reported it. 11/2/15


I keep doing the same thing and have reported it before! Bloody annoying.


Not in US. In Hawaii every woman is called aunty to kids unless there is some other term. Uncle less so, perhaps especially these days.


Shouldn't "My aunt has about fourty years" be accepted? I realyze that would be a strange way to say her age, but the sentence isn't really wrong and would be the right way to say if it were in other contexts (like prison years)...?


But when you talk about work you csn ssyvthat. Thete is no context hete


No, it shouldn't be accepted, doesn't make sence, that's not how you say somebody's age in English. And ha 'x' anni doesn't have any other meaning than that


Should accept "my aunt is about forty". In English many would never add the "years old". It is understood and uneccessary.


quite frequently I say the phrase correctly and then it tells me it's incorrect. Have no idea why


One can say in English: my aunt has 40 yrs. And this can mean working in a company or also clean and sober in Alcoholucs Anonymous etc. And i hear these things. But didn't feel like testing waters today


I'd say "my aunt has 40 years" could only mean the kinds of things you mention, not that she is 40 years old. I don't know if the Italian translation would be the same in those cases.


Does it have to be quarant'anni? Or could I also say quaranta anni?


Ha or E. ??????????????

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