"Какой язык вы изучаете?"

Translation:Which language do you study?

November 27, 2015

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Gaumarjos Sakartvelo!! We need Georgian on Duolingo


mate , it should be , sakharthvelo

a good start is https://www.duolingo.com/comment/9660890

if you want more , i'll be glad to give u.


გაუმარჯოს საქართველოს! )))


What's the difference between изучать and учиться? I know that one is to study, the other is to learn but can they be used interchangeably in this context?


It this contex you can use учить (as the synonym of изучать to learn) but not учиться.

May be this link will help you to understand the difference http://www.russianforeveryone.com/Rufe/Lessons/Course1/Grammar/GramUnit5/GramUnit5_4.htm


Excellent link - please accept this Lingot


"The verb изучать is used to indicate the subject one is taking at university, college or school. "

"The verb учиться is used to indicate that someone is a student, i.e. goes to school, university or college somewhere."

But isn't someone who is taking a subject a student?


"What language are you learning?" << That's how the native English speakers I know would express this idea. (There may be other expressions I haven't heard, naturally.) I've never heard anyone ask "Which language do you study?".


Which language are you studying

would also be fine. But I agree, do you is not so natural here.

Unless perhaps you are taking two language courses but not doing any work in one of them ...


If there’s an option of languages to take, one may either ask or be asked, “Which languages are you taking?”

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There are several languages which I am studying, but at the moment it is only Russian with which I am struggling!


"What kind of language are you studying?" isn't accepted... Does it sound natural in English?


To my ear, not that much mate )))) On another point, I can't see why 2 dopes down arrowed you for asking a question. I could only counter one of them with an up arrow, so please accept a lingot to make you feel better about the other


Whats wrong with What is the language you are studying?

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