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Are you interested in Russian Traditional Cuisine?

Hi guys,

Here is project page on Facebook "Russia's Cuisine: Tradition and Modernity" by Chernov & Co Publishing House https://www.facebook.com/russiascuisine/ where puplishers share some recipes and great pics :)

For example an article about SYRNIKS.

Alt text

« If you live in Russia, there is something you absolutely must try for breakfast. Syrniks (some might call them cheesecakes), small patties from Russian tvorog, are a paradoxical dish. They’re very simple to make, but making them perfectly is rare. Often they are too dry or too runny, the crust is too thick, they’re burnt, or they taste like raw dough.The main approach to making them is finding the optimal proportions and perfecting the preparation process. The tvorog has to be dry enough with an optimal fat content of 9%. It has to be the real stuff; if you’re using homemade tvorog, it’s best to press it, or the syrniks may be too runny. One of the options is not using flour. If the tvorog isn’t dry enough, two spoons of oatmeal will absorb the extra moisture, but the syrniks won’t be too dry and the crust won’t be too thick. It’s best to use real vanilla from Madagascar. Or, as a last resort, use vanilla sugar. »

Let's share your favorite sites and facebook pages about russian food in English!

November 27, 2015



One of my favourite memories is making пельмени with my бабушка. It takes ages to make enough for a big family! And then they're all gone in less than 20 minutes and the children are all sick because they decided to find out who could eat the most! It always used to be my favourite food and sometimes I would talk my mom into making them too. She only let herself be convinced about once a year, because it's so much work!

So, here's a recipe in Russian: http://gotovim-doma.ru/view.php?r=5-recept-Pelmeni with a video that shows you how it's done, and one in English just in case: http://www.ruscuisine.com/recipes/breads-and-pastry/dumplings/n--524 It does take a lot of time to make them by hand though. They also tend to sell them frozen in Russian shops all over the world, so you just have to boil them. However, the meat quality usually isn't great in those. Nevertheless, it's a good thing to order in a Russian restaurant, best food ever!

By the way, you can imagine how annoyed I was when I found out that I'm allergic to them actually! Just my luck to be allergic to my favourite food! Argh!


Thank you for sharing with us these such great memories! I think pelmeni one of the simpliest food to eat and hardest food to prepare by myself. The tradition when whole family made pelmeni by themselfs has gone, but actually pelmeni can be found in the restaurants and in local food markets. I'm not allergist but I actually know that simple prepeared food and frozen fastfood can give allergic reaction.


I can understand why it's not so common to do it anymore. Who has time for this kind of thing nowadays? And I've actually eaten some great pelmeni in all sorts of places in Germany and even the ones you get at food stalls are usually very good. Just the frozen ones never really convinced me.

I'm actually allergic to everything related to flour and more broadly any processed or sugary food. Most people get sick from this stuff eventually when they're old, get diabetes or a stomach ulcer, but in my case it makes me sick immediately.

[deactivated user]

    Are you able to eat gluten-free flours? I have found gluten-free pierogies, for example, not bad.


    My kids adore пельмени! I've only made it from scratch a few times myself -- takes for freaking ever, though it is very worth it.


    You should make sure that your kids help you. They will appreciate it even more when they know how much work is involved!


    My youngest is too little, but my daughter might be able to help a bit.

    I keep saying that I want to have a пельмени party with friends -- maybe soon. Italians do it with ravioli -- everyone works together to make a ton of them, everybody eats some, and then everyone takes some more home to freeze.


    It may be interesting to know that the Ukrainian word for "tvorog" is "syr". Therefore, it is natural to call this traditional Ukrainian dish "syrniki". :) It is a joke, of course. The roots are in the Old Russian language, therefore, this dish is traditional for both Russian and Ukrainian cuisine, although in the modern Russian language the word "syrnik" lost its connection to the name of its main ingredient.


    I don't think I've had tvorog since the Easter I was in Russia!


    Twaróg is available in any genuine Polish shop in UK :-)


    Yay! Now I'll go looking. :-)


    and in Russian stores! :)


    I don't think I've seen any authentic Russian stores here. I'll go on an explore and see. :-)


    Thank you for sharing this! I love to cook (graduated from culinary school) and love trying new things. When we had a day for Eastern Europe (yeah, just one day; compared to two weeks for Italian) we made a coulibiac, that was intense!


    Does anyone have a favorite борш recipe? :)


    I can share mine :-)

    I usually cook a really big кастрюля of борщ (about 5L), so you may have to adjust the quantities.


    • Pork, with a bone - about 1 kg
    • 2 medium to large beetroots
    • 1 large carrot
    • 1 large onion
    • 1 large tomato OR 2 or 3 tablespoons of tomato paste
    • 5 or 6 potatoes
    • About 1/4 of a medium-sized cabbage
    • Half a lemon (or some citric acid)
    • A few garlic cloves


    Rinse the meat and put it into кастрюля with cold water. Put кастрюля on the stove. Take off the scum as it appears. Boil for about 1.5 hours.

    I usually make the broth in advance, and cook борщ on the next day. This way, the meat becomes really soft and nice - and also cold, so it is easy to cut it.

    When you are ready to cook борщ, take out the meat and cut it into small pieces. Throw away the bone and return the meat to the broth. Put it on the stove to let it get hot while you are working on everything else.

    Зажарка (the fried stuff):

    Peel the onion, the carrot and the beetroots. Put a pan on the stove. You can use the grease from the broth if you cooled it before cooking. Otherwise, use sunflower oil. Chop the onion and put in into the pan. While it is frying, grate the carrot and put it into the pan, mixing with the onion. Grate the beetroots and add them, too. Squeeze half a lemon or add a little citric acid - this is to make sure борщ does not lose its deep red color. Chop the tomato and add it into the pan. You can also use tomato paste. Leave зажарка on the stove to cook for another 5-10 minutes, stirring from time to time.

    Bringing everything together

    While your зажарка is still on the stove, peel the potatoes and cut them into small pieces. By that time, the broth should be boiling or close to it. Put зажарка from the pan into кастрюля. Throw in the potatoes. Chop the cabbage and add it to кастрюля.

    After борщ begins to boil, add salt.

    Boil for about 15 or 20 minutes, then peel and press the garlic into your борщ. Boil for another 5 minutes.

    Борщ is best to eat on the next day. Serve it with сметана.

    Приятного аппетита!


    Thanks! I'll add this to my list of recipes found because of Duolingo. :-)




    So I just finished making it. It went orange -- will it darken back up tomorrow? (((


    My borsch is usually orange-red in the beginning and closer to purple-red later. So, yes, yours may darken, too! If not, just add more acid or lemon juice next time.

    The color does not affect the taste, though :-)


    What's the bone for?


    The broth is better when the meat is on a bone.


    The bone makes broth.

    [deactivated user]

      I have never had pork borshcht! It sounds fabulous.


      I like сырники with курага (dried pitted apricots) and изюм (raisins). Normally, I use defatted творог, add eggs, flower, chopped курага and raisins. Mmm, I should definitely make сырники one of these days :-)


      Ooh, sounds good!


      I love to try out new ethnic recipes, thank you!


      I've had these before. It's like a less sweet cheesecake without the crust.


      I cant wait to make these! I have made several Russian recipes and I enjoyed all of them


      Share a picture with us?!

      [deactivated user]

        Borshcht! Cabbage rolls, cold pickled fish, poppyseed cake (gluten-free please) And beef stroganoff

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