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"a dear person"

Translation:дорогой человек

November 27, 2015



Dear in the sense of money - e.g. costly to employ? Or can it also mean a special or valued person? ("Our dear friend".)

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Both, depending on the context.


Very cool. Just like english.


Is друг derived from this sense of дорогой?


I don't really know, but I'm going to guess not. Дорогой means "expensive" and while it might sound rude in English, in Russian it's a term of endearment to your loved one.

Моя дорогая is something you could refer to your wife as.

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No, I believe друг and дорогой are completely unrelated. "Друг" has a very old indo-european origin and has relatives in languages as remote as Icelandic, at least according to this page: https://ru.wiktionary.org/wiki/%D0%B4%D1%80%D1%83%D0%B3

As for "дорогой" meaning both "dear" and "expensive", I don't think Russian is that special: I believe English "dear" used to mean "expensive" as well, which is still manifest in expressions like "I paid dearly".


same in French - "Cher" means dear / expensive


Yes, I don't know about "used to", but in UK English, "dear" can certainly still mean: "expensive". That was what prompted my question above (to which you already replied) about which sense is meant here. It seems that in Russian, as in English, it just means: "valuable", or "valued" - which could be in purely monetary or sentimental terms - or occasionally both. It's possible to have a possession which is both precious to you AND costly; an example would be my grandmother's wedding ring. That is "dear" in both senses.


"My precious" was once used in English as a similar term of endearment, but JRR Tolkien ruined it for everyone else.


That's true - very much out-of-fashion these days, and might have been, even without Tolkien, but the same underlying idea, and not a jibe about anyone's spending habits. Although, to confuse things further, "precious", as a description of someone, can be derogatory, meaning they are rather pretentious or exaggeratedly demonstrative. I've not heard that one much lately, either.


The pronunciation for дорогой here is wrong.


In French, you can say "mon cher" for "my dear" as in "mon cher ami". In Portuguese you can also say "meu caro". Cher = caro = expensive.


Would this be used in reference to a female as well as a male?


Yes, it could be either.


Is this word used in the Russian dub/translation of the famous line from Gone With The Wind: "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn"?

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