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"People are walking towards the school."

Translation:Люди идут к школе.

November 27, 2015



I just want to confirm.... ходить wouldn't work here because it's multi-directional? Would you only use идти/ехать with preposition К?


Shouldn't it be к школу?


Nope. "К" always takes the dative case.

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That's right. "Идут к школе" but "идут в школу". Unlike "к", "в" can take both the accusative and prepositional cases, with accusative used to indicate the direction of motion.


I love your answers )))))


Whats the difference between гуляет and идет ?


I believe it's the same difference you find between "strolling" and "walking to." Идти is a unidirectional verb, it requires (or at the very least strongly implies) a destination. Гулять simply means walking around.

Say you were on vacation, you would «гулять в городе» to take in the atmosphere of the town and do a bit of random sightseeing during the day, but then come evening you would «идти в театр» to catch the show you wanted to see.


I have definitely seen «в школу» before. What would «Люди идут в школу» mean in contrast to «...к школе»?

As of my understanding, «Люди идут в школу» would mean that people are going to the direction of the school and than entering it, while the same sentence with к (и дательный падеж) would mean that the people are going towards the school but not entering it, perhaps only passing by it. Is my theory correct?

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The meaning of the two sentences is very different, both in Russian and in English.
People go to school - Люди ходят в школу. This is merely as statement that these people attend school on a regular basis, In other words, they are pupils.
People are walking to school - Люди идут в школу. These people are pupils and they are heading to school for their day's studies. (Notice the absence of articles in these two examples!)
People are going/walking towards the school - Люди идут к школе. This is a statement about the direction in which they a walking, regardless of the purpose. There may be something happening in front of the school building, and people are gathering there, -


Спасибо большое за ответ! Теперь мне понятно.


Can "пешком" be included in the translation?

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