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  5. "Tom, this is Anna."

"Tom, this is Anna."

Translation:Том, это Анна.

November 27, 2015



So do we use 'eto' always? Is it modified based on masculinity, femininity, or neuter? I was kind of thinking Anna is a girl's name so you might say 'eta Anna,' but 'eto Joe.'


There are 2 words "это" The first could be translated as "this is" The second one as neutral singular form "this/that", and is in group "этот, эта, это, эти". Which one is used should be understood from the context(yes, it may mean both same time, and people may be misunderstood each other, this happens in real life).


In android just load the russian keyboard up... Has full russian alphabet. Handy


not for me... I had to download the keyboard seperately. :\


here's a lingot to make you feel better. (:


are е and э the same? because i do not have э on my keyboard, but duo seems to accept е


э pronunciation is more like 'eh' whereas е is more like 'yeh'. So they are similar but used different


The sound of letter е consist of two sounds - й and э. In transcription: [jэ] (да, в русском тоже есть транскрипция, и звук й так обозначается - [j])


I have the same problem so I tried the 'e' but it said incorrect


i really hope they add an on screen keyboard


looks like they sound same... on my linux the "з" is right on the same spot of "p"


yeah, it will accept it.


On the phonetic Russian keyboard, the " э " is where the or | would be on a normal keyboard, under "delete" and above "enter".


On my phonetic Russian keyboard, one types "backward slash" = "\" to get the first letter of это.


Yeah, I apologize for that typo. I meant to say "where the or | would be "


Do we need to capitalize names in Russian? It counts it correct for me either way.


Yes, all personal names are capitalized in Russian.


Duolingo ignores the upper case/lower case difference.


Hello , follow me , i from Russia , i want talk with are you . Добавляйтесь в друзья и можем по скайпу общаться и обмениваться знаниями :)


isn't Anna in russian Ahha


So, why can't I type this in russian/cyrilic alphabet?


it says how to change your keyboard to Russian, but then I have to change it back to English every time you have to type English. Then back and forth and back and forth! It's just so annoying!


Guys all you have to do is to download a russian keyboard... :/


How do you switch they keyboard to russian?


As long as you know the english equivalent (Tom, eto Anna), it will tell you you're correct.


so with the downloaded Russian keyboard like the begging Of dom is like a square shaped a put is an l or a k on the physical one so how am i supposed to transcribe?


You mean, you are unfamiliar with the layout of the keyboard?

Go here for an overview (link originally provided by MikeRadly:) >> http://russian.typeit.org/

I'm pretty sure wikipedia also has this overview, but this page cleans up nicer. Note that there is a distinct difference between 'э' (eh), 'е' (je) and 'ё' (joh) and that the last one is in the upper left corner on a qwerty keyboard.

Best way to familiarize yourself with the keyboard's layout is probably to just use it until you get the hang of it. Alternatively, paste post-it notes with the letters onto your keyboard for ease of finding. :3


Throughout this lesson, it fails to pronounce тим and анна. Just blank, nothing. It's like the sound resources got lost.


my keyboard doesn't have russian characters and I don't know how to type the special ones

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