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"La ĉefurbo de Usono estas apud la orienta marbordo."

Translation:The capital of the United States is on the east coast.

November 28, 2015



apud : next to
apuda 1.: next to, adjacent
apuda 2.: adjacent supplementary


If something/somebody touches another thing/person or is as near as possible, then I use "ĉe". If it does not touch, but remains near enough, the I use "apud". With more distance I use "proksime".

Vaŝingtono situas apud la maro, Novjorko ĉe la maro.


Thanks, BertSchumann - this seems logical enough.


So would you say that "apud" is actually the right concept, because Washington DC is next to the (literal) east coast (as opposed to the metaphorical, more expanded East Coast, as DC is not really on the Atlantic, is it), and that the English use of "on" is idiomatic, rather than an accurate use of the physical meaning of "on"? That makes sense :-)


In Latin, which also has apud, my teacher used to say it is kind of like the word 'by' in meaning, but that usually doesn't work in English context, so it had to be changed into the definitions that Gresillon.org mentioned.


'proksime= near' expresses a little distance.
'apud = on' expresses the same place/region.
"Near" means the same in this sentence but is not the required translation.


I don't know about how exact "apud" is supposed to be, but the use of "on" in the English translation is not correct-- at least if an American says a city is on the coast, it means actually on it and that you should be able to see the coast from somewhere in the city.


This most certainly is not true. You do not have to have waterfront property to say you live on one of the coasts in the USA.


I guess you can say:

"Las Vegas is on the west coast"

These became the names for the broader regions, not just a thin coastline. ;-)


Why is "The capital of the United States is along the east coast?" wrong? How would I say "along"?


Vaŝingtono situas laŭlonge de la rivero Potomak kaj apud (proksime de) la maro.
Washington is along the Potomac River and on (near of) the ocean.

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