"Мама не хочет играть в баскетбол."

Translation:Mom does not want to play basketball.

November 28, 2015



Why is there в in this sentence?

November 28, 2015


In Russian, a preposition usually follows the verb играть. For sports, use в. Think of it like this: Я играю в хоккей. = I play (in the sport of) hockey.

For musical instruments, use на. Я играю на барабанах. = I play (on) the drums.

May 24, 2018


From that, I deduce that the sports are in the accusative case, so don't change if the word is masculine; and that musical instruments are in the prepositional case, as in Я играю на гитаре, although I know that пианино (piano) remains unchanged, as it is a foreign word.

September 12, 2018


To distinguish the activity from the composer's name or the musical composition in the accusative case:

  • играть в футбол
  • играть Чайковского
  • играть вальс (waltz)
November 28, 2015


This question is about a sport though? Why is there a 'в' in мама не хочет играть 'в' баскетбол ?

April 24, 2016


Peninsula123, i see you study Portuguese. See the verb "играть" as follows:

The verb «играть» is used as follows:

в + Accusative for games (corresponds to the verb "jogar" in Portuguese)

  • Я игра́ю в футбо́л (eu jogo futebol)

на + Prepositional for musical instruments (corresponds to the verb "tocar" en Portuguese)

  • Я игра́ю на гита́ре. (Eu toco violão)
September 29, 2017


But moooom ;(

June 28, 2019


Она сказала ИГРАЕТ, не ИГРАТЬ .

May 1, 2019


khm.. Infinitive.. khm..

July 16, 2019
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