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"You have a very interesting sister."

Translation:У вас очень интересная сестра.

November 28, 2015



My answer was marked incorrect "У тебя есть очень интересная сестра". I was tempted to report it but there may be some good reason why it is considered wrong. So if anyone knows why this may be, please let me know :)


According to my understanding, есть is not required here because the subject of the sentence is that she (the sister) is very interesting; her existence is already implied.


у тебя есть очень интересная сестра. why is this incorrect?


У тебя очень интересная сестра would be fine. In your example however, with the utilisation of "есть"; you put emphasis on the fact that the person HAVE an interesting sister, and not that the sister is interesting herself. Hope this was to help :)


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Is it wrong to use "est'" here?


My understanding is that you'd only use есть if the existence of the sister is in question. Since the listener presumably knows they have a sister...


What is the difference between вас and тебя?


Вас is the formal/plural form of "you" and тебя is the informal form.


Thanks! How can we tell if this should be formal or informal from the question?


Wherever you find вы or any of its derivatives (вам, вас, ваши, ваш), the sentence is in the formal singular or in plural form; if the sentence is using ты or any of its derivatives (тебе, тебя, твоё, твой, твоя, твои), the sentence is in the informal form.

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