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  5. "The glass contains juice."

"The glass contains juice."

Terjemahan:Gelas itu berisi jus.

November 28, 2015

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Gelasnya/gelas itu mengandung/berisi jus = diterima.
Tetapi "terdapat"?


Gelas itu terdapat jus ❌


You cannot replace "mengandung" with "terdapat". It's grammatically incorrect. "Terdapat" means "there is", "to exist" or "be found in a certain place". If you say "terdapat gelas itu di dalam jus", for example, it suggests that you found the glass in a huge juice tank in a factory. It sounds like a safety inspection report.


Kenapa contains pake S ?


Karena the glass itu tunggal


Ga keluar suaranyaa


Gelasnya berisikan jus


I personally never say "The glass contains juice". I would like to have second opinions from English native speakers.

  • "The juice contains sugar." -- Correct and natural because sugar is a part of the ingredients of the juice.

  • "The document contains new evidence." -- Also correct. The new evidence is an element of the entire document.

  • "The glass contains juice." -- This sounds like the glass is partially made from liquid juice. It doesn't make sense.

I know the root word "isi" means "content", so the ber- verb means "to contain". However, "Juice is poured into the glass" sounds more natural in English. I also weighed "The glass is filled with juice" as an alternative translation. But "filled with" is closer to "dipenuhi". "Berisi" might mean a "half full, half empty" situation.

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