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Become a volunteer in an Esperanto organization in Slovakia

"What can I do with Esperanto?" seems to be a recurring question in this forum. Well, you can do many things, including finding work! The Esperanto organization E@I, located in Partizánske, Slovakia, is looking for a new volunteer within the European Voluntary Service.

  • Are you between and 18 and 30 years old?
  • Do you like travelling?
  • Would you like to discover a new country (Slovakia), a new culture and a new language?
  • Would you like to use Esperanto to work on interesting projects (organizing international conventions, websites…)?
  • Would you like to work in an international team? The current team includes people from Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, France, Russia and Ireland.
  • Do you live in one of the following countries: all EU countries (except Slovakia), Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Norway, Turkey?

If you are interested, you can be an E@I volunteer! You can start as soon as possible for a maximal duration of 12 months.

The project is financed by the European Union through the European Voluntary Service, which includes among other things:

  • Accommodation (you will live in the town with other Esperantists).
  • A monthly allowance (€95 / month).
  • Money for food.
  • Trainings for volunteers.
  • A good insurance for the whole duration of the volunteering.
  • Reimbursement of travel costs to and from Slovakia.

If you think you don't speak Esperanto well enough, this is not a problem! Some past volunteers could barely say a sentence in Esperanto when they arrived and a few weeks later they could already speak comfortably.

If you are interested, write to info@ikso.net (even in English). You can find out more (in Esperanto) at this address: http://blogo.ikso.net/2015/10/farigxu-ecxei-volontulo-ekde-auxtuno/

November 28, 2015



I wish they allowed people from the US, sounds like a really cool opportunity!


Too old :( sounds like a grand opportunity for someone, though!


And if I'm from Argentina? ): I can travel there too? (In my own)


In fact you can think about joining the Esperanto volunteer program or you can organize one for other countries like in South East Asia, for example, team up with Esperanto Cambodia http://belavivo.blogspot.my/


Unfortunately no, it's not only a matter of travel costs. We'd accept people from the whole world if we could, but it depends only on the national EVS agency.


Would love to go, but I'm at uni and its unlikely the position will remain open for 5 years.


I think it will - volunteers only sign up for a certain time, and after that, a new comes, as I understand it. So there are new openings on a regular basis.


what would you do there?


From the blog entry linked here:

"[Vi] havos la okazon partopreni kaj mem kunorganizi diversajn Esperanto-aranĝojn, seminariojn kaj konferencojn. Via tasko estos ankaŭ (kun nia helpo) organizi lingvo-kafejon por enloĝantoj de la urbo, prezenti vian landon en lernejoj kaj edukaj centroj de la urbo kaj regiono, partopreni en la interretaj projektoj de E@I (ekz. lernu.net, deutsch.info, slovake.eu) kaj kunorganizi la venontjaran Universalan Kongreson de Esperanto en Slovakio. Tion farante, vi ekkonos novan landon kune kun ĝiaj kulturo, popolo kaj lingvo, kaj ricevos sperton de longtempa volontulado, kiu poste utilos al vi ekz. dum serĉado de laboro."

You will have the opportunity to take part in and also to help coordinate various Esperanto events, seminars, and conferences. Your task will also be to (with our help) organise "language cafés" for inhabitants of the city, present your country in schools and education centres of the city and the region, take part in Internet projects of E@I (e.g. lernu.net [teaching Esperanto], deutsch.info [teaching German], slovake.eu [teaching Slovak]) and to help organise next year's Esperanto World Congress in Slovakia. Doing this, you will get to know a new country together with its culture, people, and language, and you will receive the experience of long-term volunteering, which will later be helpful to you when e.g. looking for a job.

You'll also get Slovak lessons :)


I read it in Esperanto just fine. (but it was easier in English.)

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