"Siamo senz'acqua."

Translation:We are without water.

January 9, 2013

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In written language both versions are grammatically correct: "Siamo senz'acqua" and "Siamo senza acqua"


Is this synonymous to "we don't have water"?


why can't "we run out of water" be a solution too?


Because when you have no water, you don't RUN out, you HAVE run out! :-)

I wrote we lack water and that wasn't accepted.

Sometimes one has to write rather primitive and even incorrect English to have one's answer approved. But this software programming only has a limited amount of variables, it seems. That's fair enough.


"We have no water" and "we are without water" and even "we lack water" may convey the same meaning, but they are linguistically distinct and when learning a new language one must be very careful with idiom and gist translations since I at least base new learning on patterns I've learned before. And not all languages use verbs in the same places as other verbs.


An insightful tip! Thanks.


In a test I wrote Siamo senza acqua . but the correct answer was Stiamo senza acqua - please could somebody explain the different. thanks


I think the English translation is somewhat wrong

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