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  5. "Do you have plans?"

"Do you have plans?"

Translation:У тебя есть планы?

November 28, 2015



What would be more normal in informal, daily speech: "у тебя есть планы?" or "у тебя планы?"?


You use есть if you are questioning the existence or ownership of something. You omit it if you are questioning something about an object, like a quality or location.

"у тебя есть планы?" - "Do you have plans?" (Do you have plans of your own, or do you have any plans)

"у тебя планы?" - "Do you have the plans?" (I'm looking for the plans, do you have them?)


The meaning of the question "у тебя планы?" depends on the intonation :)

Usually the mentioned above "do you have the plans?" meaning sounds like "планы у тебя?" But still you can use the other word order stressing the word "тебя".

And "у тебя планы?" with the intonation of the initial sentence means "you have some plans, don't you?" :)


I always try of think of it as У тебя = you have У тебя есть = you have in your possession.


both are informal and both are correct (depends on the situation)

i think.. in quick coversation

but.. clarification is usually necessary... for example

у тебя есть какие нибудь планы на вечер?

планируешь что нибудь на завтра?

есть у тебя планы этого строения на компе?

something like this is usually pronounced


What is the difference between "тебр" and "вас"


both mean "you" and both are the Accusative and Genitive case forms for "you" (Nominative: ты/вы). тебя is the singular informal form, while бас is the plural or formal form. The preposition У requires use of Genitive case for it's object ("you") - So, у тебя and у вас both mean "by you", with the informal or singular/ formal or plural difference in nuance between the two.


Any idea why it's тебя in this case and not ваши..?


Ваши is the possessive plural. You would need вас here.


That's what I used, but I got marked wrong. As far as I could see everything else was the same as the correct anser.


Think of тебя (singular) and вас (plural/formal) as "You". Paired with У and есть, they become: • У тебя есть: "You have" (singular) • У вас есть: "You have" (plural)

On the other hand: • Твой/Твоя/Твоё/Твои are the equivalents of singular "Your" • Ваш/Ваша/Ваше/Ваши are the equivalents of plural/formal "Your"

Hope this helps!


your first problem- it's best to completely understand the alphabet fully before you start learning a language... go to russianforeveryone and review the alphabet, then look up synonyms english-russian and get comfortable reading words like хеликоптер and компьютер, only then would i try duo

я - ya

р - r

tebya, not tebr


Thank you, great recommendation.


У тебя планы есть? -marked wrong 8/27/2019


there is a difference

it sounds more agressive

for example - hey you, do you have plans? or excuse me, do you have plans?


у тебя естъ планы was marked wrong. why?


You put ъ instead of ь


Still can't complete as there is no I on my Russian keyboard! What to do? Help please!


Ы is a single letter on my keyboard.


Then that keyboard is probably Belarusian or Ukrainian and not Russian. Or some other Slavic language.


But you don't need a I?


How do you stop these typing questions?


Why do you have to use Тебя instead of Ты?


У + genitive. Тебя is the genitive of ты


Why is 'есть у тебя планы?' not acceptable?


should be... its correct


The transliteration of 'есть' is not accepted in this question (and a number of others in this course). Neither est nor est' are marked correct (while both should be)


ест - mean.. he/she/it eats now... only

есть - mean.. have something or eating something (depends on the context)


Does the ы in планы mean that it is in plural form?


Can someone help me understand this: when i copy paste есть from the answer from this website i get a correct answer but when i type естъ myself duolingo says it's wrong. I need help seeing the difference between the two spellings.


Ъ - hard sign

Ь - soft sign

hard sign isn't using in this word


I forgot the question mark and so it was wrong, why???


What does it mean i am confused


i'm rus but i also dont know what does it mean... in this case

maybe что ты планируешь делать вечером? - do you have any plans on this evening?

or у тебя есть секретные планы правительства дома под диваном? - do you have secret plans of government under your sofa at home?

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