"Здесь нет завода."

Translation:There is no factory here.

November 28, 2015



I wrote, "there are no factories here" which was marked incorrect. Is there a distinction in either english or russian, with plural in negative?

March 9, 2019


Why is there an /I/ at the beginning of the first word? I've never heard that in this word before..

December 16, 2015


What is the difference between завод and фабрика ?

December 18, 2016


Ha, I found a whole article about that... in Russian. Google Translate amusingly renders its title, "What is the difference between a factory and a factory?"


(Чем отличается утка?)

April 6, 2017


ФАБРИКА A factory is an enterprise with an automated production cycle and a relatively large number of workers. Products are manufactured in bulk, and individual units of each of them do not have individual features. The factory is a new milestone in the development of industry compared to the craft workshop where the final division of labor occurred.

ЗАВОД A plant is an industrial facility engaged in production, or an enterprise that breeds horses and other pedigreed animals. The most important attribute is a complete automated cycle, involving minimal human involvement. In the literature, plants often refer to those objects where the means of production are produced. Deep processing of raw materials involves a minimum amount of waste.

April 30, 2019


I entered "The factory is not here" and it was wrong. Is that because of word order, or should this answer be accepted?

February 14, 2016


...of course I don't remember until now that 《нет》 means "no" instead of "not"

Anybody know the Russian word for "idiot?"

February 14, 2016


It's идиот, very easy to remember.

February 15, 2016


I tried "There isn't a factory here" and it was accepted :) I guess "the factory" is rejected because in the Russian, no specific factory is implied.

April 6, 2017


I think that the case makes a difference. "The factory is not here" = something resembling "Завод не здесь" or "Завод здесь нет". There is a factory, it's just not here. Нет завода on the other hand indicates that there's no factory here, with no idea whether it even exists somewhere else. I think.

September 21, 2018


I think you are correct, but in your second example, I think завод needs to be in the genitive. 1. Здесь нет завода. = There is no factory here. (завод is in gen for non-existence) 2. Завода здесь нет. = The factory is not here. (implies the factory is gone; maybe a tornado hit it or something. Thus, завод is again in gen for non-existence) 3. Завод не здесь. = The factory is not here. (BUT it is implied that it does exist somewhere else, just not here. Hence, завод is in nominative.)

September 23, 2018


Why is it завода and not завод?

June 25, 2016


Because negation requires genitive case. "завода" is a genitive case of "завод".

July 14, 2016



June 10, 2017


Any correlation between factory and water? Factory seems like its just "for water."

June 10, 2017


No, there's no relation between "завод" and "вода". "Завод" comes from the verb "заводить" which is pretty versatile and has many meanings among which, depending on context, are "to institute", "to ignite", "to establish", "to acquire"...

April 3, 2018


I said there's no factory here

That should be correct

June 21, 2017


'the factory is not here' got marked wrong? why?

April 24, 2018


Because that indicates that the factory is somewhere else, while the exercise sentence is simply about a factory not being here, with no idea that it's somewhere else, or that it even exists.

September 21, 2018


What's about "There is no works here"?

August 13, 2018


I wrote ''Здесь нет завода''. Where are the typos, please?

February 22, 2019


I can't match with the audio in the speaking exercise. Something is wrong with recording

May 12, 2019


I think the Russian affected me so I wrote just "Here no factory"!

July 26, 2019


I have the same question as one of the other guys - is there a difference between the singular and plural russian forms of this sentence?

September 10, 2019


Why does it sound like завлода? I distinctly hear an "L" sound after the "V" sound.

November 28, 2015


The pronunciation is fine, I do not hear any L sound.

November 29, 2015


I turned the volume right up and I hear no L either. This is one of the clearest ones I've heard actually.

November 29, 2015


I listened to it many times now, and now I can hear it both ways. If I hear the stress on the "O" then I don't hear an "L", but if I hear the stress on the first "A" then I hear an "L" and the "O" sounds unstressed.

November 29, 2015


Right stress is on the "о"

January 13, 2016


It should have been correct.

June 8, 2017



November 20, 2016



November 20, 2016
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