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Words "migration" between lessons.

I have encountered this phenomena more than once, and I was wondering whether it's a bug or a feature. Nore: I'm using the duolingo app for Android. Each lesson has a pre-defined vocabulary, however after the lesson completion, its vocabulary is almost entirely replaced by that topic's/exercise's first lesson vocabulary. Example: Adj.3, lesson 5 initial vocabulary was : 'Ferme', 'responsables', 'fine', 'efficace', 'sauvage', 'secret', 'ideal'. I've completed this lesson, and its current vocabulary is: 'idéal', 'parfait', 'lourd', 'blonde', 'ronds', 'facile', 'liquide' - notice how only 'ideal' survived from the original vocabulary. It happened on lesson 4 of the same topic, but the vocabulary for that lesson reverted once I've completed lesson 5( which now holds the problem ). I've encoutered that on other topics as well. It would have made sense to me if words I've have had trouble with on previous lessons of that topic would have been added to the current lesson, but replacing nearly the entire vocabulary makes it harder for me to practise the lessons that were harder for me. Besides that, I really enjoy learning using your app, the great community you helped build, and the support your workers provide on the app forum.


2 years ago