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  5. "У вас тут есть фрукты?"

"У вас тут есть фрукты?"

Translation:Do you have any fruit here?

November 28, 2015



Where does the "any" come from? DL accepts "Do you have fruit here" also.


Using "any" just emphasizes the distinction in Russian of asking about the existence of fruit when you use есть.


Does the sentence without есть then suggest that you are asking about the possibility of having fruit, like Do you ever have fruit?


У Вас в России фрукты есть? O_o Я думал, что Россия — это северные медведи ходят по улицам и пьют водку. ЛоЛ


No, you're thinking of Alaska.


Can we use здесь instead of тут at the same place in the sentence?


Yes. "Тут" and "здесь" are functionally interchangeable in all regards. The only difference is that one doesn't use "тут" is more formal speech. Also there are a few fixed expressions and sayings that use either "тут" or "здесь" and can't use the other, because they are, well, fixed. Other than that both words work the same way,


Why can't you put у вас есть фрукты здесь?


In theory you can put "здесь" in any place in this sentence (except between "у" and "вас" of course), but for me, as a native speaker, "у вас есть фрукты здесь?" is the most awkward wording, so I wouldn't recommend to use it.


"Do you have some fruit here" was marked wrong. Any reason?

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