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My first Norwegian progress quiz......

So I just took my first Norwegian progress quiz, and I got 4.34/5.00!


I'm not sure how to react. Half of me is glad that I got such a high mark for my first ever progress quiz, while the other half is sad that I didn't get 5.00/5.00 since I am level 22. I feel like I am not learning as much as I'd like to, but life gets in your way.

What are your experiences with the progress quiz?

November 28, 2015



I do the progress quiz when I finish a section so that I can track my progress through the whole course. This means that I get really bad scores when I first take the quiz (0.63/5), but the up side is that I will feel good about myself later on when the score goes up.

I was wondering if there was a timed element to the quiz. If so, that would explain why it is not possible to get 100% fluency (not impossible, just improbable).


There is no timed element to the progress quiz. It's pretty much like a normal strengthening session. If I designed the fluency rating, I would make it just for the words in the Duolingo course. The reason why it will never be 100% is because nobody will ever know every word in a language.

I hope this helps! If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask me:)


I haven't tried it yet. I've finished the tree but when I strengthen I still feel like there are clearly things in the later lessons that I need to work on, so I am still waiting!

Well - is 5/5 possible? (Since everyone says it's not possible to get 100% fluency rating, I wonder the same about this) - which questions and how many did you get wrong? I think that if I spent lingots on something that I ended up getting wrong, it would etch into my memory WAY stronger than just an average sentence that I got wrong in practice. So it was still worthwhile!


It is possible to get 5.00/5.00 on the progress quiz, and I have seen numerous people achieve this. I would estimate that I got around 3-5 questions wrong. I don't think that it would etch into your memory better this way, as there is no way to see what you got wrong at the end of the progress quiz.

I hope this helps! If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask me:)


It doesn't tell you what you got wrong? That's silly. :P


I took my first test today (2.22 of 5 - Meh!) But what I find really frustrating is that it doesn't show you your mistakes afterwards. It would help to see - first: What kind of mistakes you made and second: the areas where you need to improve most. Very frustrating only to see the score. It would be so much more helpful to see the questions, your answers and the right answers in the end as well as the score.


It annoying, when you don't know what you got wrong.

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