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  5. "Do you want anything?"

"Do you want anything?"

Translation:Ты чё-нибудь хочешь?

November 28, 2015



Could you say "Вы что-то хотите?"


Is чё just a colloquial что? Can it be used wherever что is used?


It's colloquial. And it looks so awful here in Duolingo being suggested as the primary translation! Why not suggest чё-нить to be consistent then? That's how it is most often said.

Using it in written speech will show you as an uneducated person. In a formal speech it is totally inappropriate as well.


Note that the skill where this sentence is presented is called "Colloquial", so it would only make sense to have "чё-нибудь" as the main translation here. You are right that one should not get used to talking like that, but in our course we wanted to give users an introduction to colloquial speech as it is quite commonly used in informal chats/conversations.


Чё/что is like wassup/what's up, ur/you're/your, kinda/kind of. Not sure if I saw these in the English course, although I understand your idea and won't be grumbling anymore.

And by the way, "чё-нибудь" is not that common at all, usually it's "ченить", suggest "чёнить" as the main translation then))


Well how else can we learn about its existence if it isn't in the course? :)


Where do we learn about "wanna", "kinda", "ain't" etc? I personally learned it from direct speech from books, movies. Never seen in any English course.


It's true, I took Russian in university long ago and our textbooks didn't have the slang. But then it was an extra step for me to go to Russia and learn it myself. I think it's entirely appropriate for language courses to show learners these most commonly used phrases and to explain the context for them. And the чё/что variation is such a great example of language variation and change in action and of linguistic processes like metathesis that I think it warrants some examination on its own. It's not the same as "wanna", which is more like learning how real Russians pronounce сейчас. :)


Ah, yes, that weird word. Сейчас = сейчас, сичас, счас, щас, ща. All are valid to say, the right are more colloquial. =) The sound evolution is like with cъчастие, счастье, щастье, but all variants live for some reason.


In addition, чё is a shortened form of чего, which often can substitute что (being a little more colloquial that way): ты чего-нибудь хочешь = ты что-нибудь хочешь?


Чё-нибудь - режет слух русского человека.


Что за чё? Нет такого слова. Правильно говорить что




Дети, запомните: в русском языке нет слова "нету" и нет слова "чё"! - Ну нету и чё?


Ты чё-нибудь хочешь? Админы вы дураки? Чему вы людей учите? "Чё"- нет такого слова в русском языке!!!!


Никогда не гнал на админов, но тут я согласен. Это перебор. Исправьте чё на что


Добавьте "ихний", "евоный", "ееный"


Серьёзно? Это специально жаргон что ли ввели?


Duolingo, вы чо, ваще? По фене скоро ботать будете?


Слова "чё" нет в русском языке!!!


Не че-нибудь, а чего- нибудь!


Надо говорить - ты что-нибудь хочешь?


There is no such a word in Russian - Чё!!! The right word is only Что!!!


Ужасный перевод на русский!


Should "Хочешь чё-нибудь?" also be accepted?


You know ... I would REALLY LOVE to have a way to reset specific single modules in the course and do them over from level 1.

This is one of those modules.

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