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  5. "Похоже, пора домой."

"Похоже, пора домой."

Translation:Looks like it's time to go home.

November 28, 2015



The reason why I started to like Russian is that in Russian you can express yourself with just two or three word sentence


Sure, but the words are way longer at times, and the grammar is completely unlike English, making it QUITE difficult.


As a native Italian speaker, I agree. For me it's difficult to translate first Russian to English and then to Italian, and viceversa. Unfortunately there's no Italian-Russian course yet and that's too bad, because Italian and Russian share so many features, I would have never imagined that. The way sentences are made are very similar, a lot more than English. Apparently Slavic languages have more in common with Italian than Anglosaxon ones, and that's so cool. Things like the "forma riflessiva" in Italian, somewhat translatable as "reflexive form", is completely absent in English but widely used in Italian and apparently, even if maybe under another name, in Russian, and that's excellent. In this case English makes things a lot more difficult for us, I have to say. The whole "нравится" thing is another example. It is great. An Italian-Russian and viceversa course MUST be made available, it would make things so much easier.


The same applies for a Portuguese-Russian course.


And German-Russian!!!


Why say many words when you can say little words


What is the difference between this word and кажется?


Apparently, кажется means "it seems that" while похоже means "it looks like"

So very similar, but there is a difference.


Still don't quite get the difference tbh.


I don't think there's much of a difference between them. The point is that похоже literally translates to 'like', so the best translation would be 'looks like'.


I used here verb "looks" and duo marked it as wrong, recommend me to use verb "seems"..Still struggling with this.


Came here to know this. Have you found the answer yet?


кажется can be used in different contexts without comparing it literally means "apparently" or can be used as a verb: мне кажется... saying "it is apparent to me..."


Why is the stress on the first syllable in пора?


Wrong! Has to be on the second one!


Thanks for asking this. I had the same question with велик, велика, велики in an earlier lesson, where the accent should be on the ending according to my dictionary.


The pronunciation is often wrong, I have noticed. Anyone else hear her put the emphasis in the first syllable in пора?


what is wrong with "it seems to be time to go home"


I suspect it's because "Похоже" more literally means "looks like". But that's just a guess.


I'm not english native, but that sentence seems weird to me. Is it uncommon maybe? I would have simply said "It looks like it's time to go home".


Keeping "It" in the sentence is more formal than leaving it out.


There is nothing wrong with it, it is just an uncommon way to say it.


I tried, "It seems like it's time to go home." No joy. :(


I think the correct way of saying that is "It looks like". I don't know if it seems like it's time to go home works in english, as I'm not a native, but I've not heard of that version before.


It works in spoken language. It's colloquial.


"It seems like" is now an accepted variant.


"It seems to be time to go home." Not accepted 10.9.2020.


Surely the typical and correct English phrase in this case would be "It's time to go home." Just as short as the Russian!


No. You'd be leaning out the meaning given by похоже.


could one use the похоже in the place of кажется in a similar construction ? do they have interchangeable meaning or not ?thanks.


I have the same question, since "похоже" has nothing to do with "similar" in this sentence. Here it has a much more impersonal meaning. I personally would use "кажется"

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