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"Benim ablam yok ama abim var."

Translation:I do not have an older sister but an older brother.

November 28, 2015



why is it wrong to write ağabeyim instead abim?


it is not, but here you translate from Turkish to English so I don't know how you tried writing ağabeyim :)


Actually it is a type what you hear activity. I typed ağabeyim and it marked it as wrong


This is not translation. It is "type what you hear". I had the same problem with duolingo not accepting ağabey for "big brother" in another exercise and was told by another moderator that duolingo accepts "ağabey." Clearly it still doesn't and so duolingo needs to correct this basic mistake of theirs.


this is no mistake. ağabey and abi are not pronounced the same. IF the audio says abi you have to type abi.


Actually, Abi and Ağabey are the same word. Abi is simply the pronunciation of "ağabey". It's exactly like how "yapıcam" is the pronunciation of "yapacağım". When I read the word "ağabey", I read "abi". So both spellings can be accepted in my opinion.


interesting, I would read ağabey as ağabey. Anyway, we are not able to change the list of accepted "audio" answers. But I checked and this sentence was disabled for listening questions anyway


"Yapacağım" is not the standard way to say the word. In TV-Turkish, "yapıcaam" is the only correct way to say it, and that's how anchormen/women are taught. "Yapacağım" is to be avoided (although, I do say 'yapacağım' myself, as my speech is not standard). The same thing goes for "abi". Saying /Ağabey/ is not standard Turkish anymore, but the spelling exists. Turkish is no longer a phonetic language sadly.


I actually am team Selcen on this one. I have hear people use both (and I tend to see people from places with more conservative dialects use "ağabey:). Almost everyone I know (with the exception being a large group of host family members from around a village in Polatlı) writes and says "abi."

Also, "yapıcam" is slang=y in Turkish and is definitely not standard according to anyone.


I heard ağabeyim, so I wrote it. In Turkish the ğ is voiceless, but one can hear the double a. You do not learn Turkish, did you hear the audio?


This isn't correct. I'd say, "My elder sister is 5 years older than I." You don't use older like that.


That may have been the case a long time ago, but the word "elder" is falling out of fashion in most dialects of English. We accept both here :)


Is abi/abla necessarily "older" sibling? I think in other questions simply brother/sister was accepted. In the "translate by picking words" the choice was not available because there was no "a", just "an", but would it be OK? If not, how would you refer to a sibling not considering the relative sge?

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