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"Benim ablam yok ama abim var."

Translation:I do not have an older sister but an older brother.

November 28, 2015



In my opinion, this is an awkward translation to English. Most folks don't say it like Duo. While technically orrect, conversationally it begs more: "... but an older brother" ...WHAT? ...would be nice? is no fun? I have too many? --- The sentence needs to be finished or else reworded... "... but RATHER an older brother." this word "rather" ties the end of the sentence to the subject & verb at the beginning of the sentence. In actuality, it is most common to hear this information delivered in two separate sentences: "I don't have an older sister. " followed by "I have an older brother. "


Yeah it's faulty English AGAİN. However i dont like using your suggestion with "rather". İt sounds like you're correcting someone. İ prefer the simple solution of adding another have "....but have an older brother".


Yes. I wrote it, and it was marked incorrect :(


why is it wrong to write ağabeyim instead abim?


it is not, but here you translate from Turkish to English so I don't know how you tried writing ağabeyim :)


Actually it is a type what you hear activity. I typed ağabeyim and it marked it as wrong


Is abi/abla necessarily "older" sibling? I think in other questions simply brother/sister was accepted. In the "translate by picking words" the choice was not available because there was no "a", just "an", but would it be OK? If not, how would you refer to a sibling not considering the relative sge?


Why is I do not have an older sister but have an older brother wrong?


That is an accepted alternative answer [November 2021]. Please use the "Report" flag if you find it is not being accepted.


abi - thats how we pronounce ''ağabey''...the way like ''gelicem'' and ''geleceğim'' so its rather strange that programm does not accept 'ağabey'


What different "Yok" And "Değil"?


Yok -> "there is not" or "do/does not have"
Değil -> "am/is not"


I think it should be : i do nt have an older sister but i have an older brother Am i wrong? A "have " is missing


That is another way to say this, and (without the typo) is an accepted alternative answer [November 2021]. Please use the "Report" flag if you find it is not being accepted.

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