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  5. "Где это яблоко?"

"Где это яблоко?"

Translation:Where is this apple?

November 29, 2015



It is strange to say 'where is this apple' because you already know where the apple is, this is namely a demonstrative pronoun. So both the Russian and the English sentences are a bit strange.


My first thought was "I put an apple with an arrow through it on this table. Now tell me where is this particular apple now??" Short: Where is this apple?

Or even: "You keep talking about a special apple. Where is this apple (you keep mentioning)?

In both cases I do not know where 'this apple' is and have to ask for it. It does not sound strange to me at all, but as I am not a native english speaker, I may be wrong ...


As far as I understand you should use "that apple" instead of "this" in both cases. You only can say "this apple" if you see an apple in front of you and you can touch it with your finger :)


Where is this apple you speak of?


I'm in no position to argue :D All that is left from grammar lessons is to use 'this' when it's 'here' and 'that' when it's 'there' and using 'this/that' with abstract things, like ideas or theories, is an entirely different topic to discuss.


As a native English speaker I can say that while the sentence is not as common, it is something that I would say. I think your second example about the special apple is a perfect example of its usage. To me, "Where is that apple?" is just as weird. In most cases I would just say, "Where is the apple?"


Where is the apple is not admitted from DL


I think it might depend on the context. I'm not a native English speaker, but I would say "where is that (fu**ing) apple (I've just put here)?" in a situation when I have placed a particular apple somewhere e.g. to eat it later or prepare it for a cake, someone took it away without telling me and I'm frustrated because I can't find it anywhere.


...or when I put it somewhere I can't remember. It's not always the others... ;)


I am more inclined to say "where is that apple." Not weird to me. The use of "this" is what I find strange.


Your first example would be that Apple, but the second example you gave is correct. You could also be shown a picture of a particular Apple and ask where is this Apple.


This was my thought exactly.


The sentence in Russian is normal. "Это" is not a demonstrative pronoun in Russian, you can translate "это" as "that" in many cases.


I don't think that's their point; in English, it IS only demonstrative, and "this" shouldn't be used here in the translation. "The apple" doesn't get all of the nuance of the Russian, yes, but the given translation is bad English.


consider this: "I´m looking for the extra tasty red apple hidden among the green ones. Where is this apple?".

"Where is this apple" makes sense if "this" refers to another sentence where the object is described, or if you talk to yourself and refer to the image in your head.


Also me, but I thought like, if I've lost my apple and I have its pic, and I wanna show to anyone for try to find it, I'd say "Where is this apple" showing the pic ;)


Why can I not say "Where is the apple?" I was to the impression that "this" (это) could be translated like "the" in situations like this? Also, why is it это at all, instead of этот? I thought that "это яблоко" was "this is an apple", and that "этот яблоко" was "this apple"? What's up here?


This apple : Это яблоко This text: Этот текст This Christmas tree: Эта ёлка

This is an apple : Это яблоко. This is a text: Это текст. This is a Christmas tree: Это ёлка.


This is very helpful. Thank you.


But , I didn't understand the difference between them yet


"Это" can be used for "This is" but it's also a form of "Этот" used for neuter nouns like "Яблоко". "Этот" is only used for masculine nouns.


Have you seen him?? lifts up wanted poster with picture of an apple


Yes! This is why you should photograph each apple in your fridge in case one goes missing!


You wouldn't say "Where's this apple?" when you don't know where the apple is. You would say "Where is that apple?" or "Where is the apple?"


Well except for the case, as someone above mentioned, in the somewhat existential case of some mysterious apple that people talk about or imagine. Then you might say in English, "Where is this apple" as in "Where is this mysterious and magic apple that everyone talks about" Or if it is a criminal investigation where it is alleged that an apple was thrown at someone and they are looking for the evidence. Then you might say, in English, "Where is this apple" as in "Where is this apple that was alleged to have been thrown at that person" :):) lol BUT....in the drop down for the word "это" used in this exercise, they have "the" as one of the meanings. So one would think either one should be accepted as correct. BUT I believe in Russian they do not use prepositions the way we do in English....certainly not as much. Therefore for "the apple" or "where is the apple" they would probably just say the equivalent of just "apple" and "where is apple" >>> яблоко and где яблоко? Да? Нет?


I agree! Unless you're a cop presenting a Missing Apples photo, it doesn't make sense.


Why is it not этот?


Этот is masculine, and это is neutral. Since neutral words end in o/e, яблоко is a neutral word and goes with это.


I wrapped scare quotes around "apple" because it sounded sarcastic in English. Got it wrong. Don't do that.

Where is this "apple"?


Яблоко = an apple. Яблоки = apples. Is that right?


It could mean... 'Apples like this one'


How do you pronounce где? Do you speak a D sound twice like D-D-ye ?


you pronounce both the 'g' and the 'd' in quick succession. there is no double 'd'


It should be "that apple"


'that apple' would be то яблоко i think.


but you can not say" this object" without pointing the object itself.


Sure you can, if someone is talking about an apple and i don't know where it is, i'd say something like "And where is this apple you're talking about?" An apple is kinda a weird target, more likely it'd be with a book i'm trying to find on a shelf, maybe.


The whole point of this exercise is to "translate" the phrase " Где это яблоко?" So, In English, "Where is this Apple " is bad grammer and "Where is the apple" should be accepted. Especially, since Russians do not have words for the articles A, An, or The.


"Where is the apple" not accepted 18 Apr 2018. Reported.

This exercise is confusing because the genitive determine for "this apple" is это, which is the same as the generic это used in sentences like "Мама - это женщина" = "Mom is a woman".

Here, Duo appears to be using это as a specific determiner attached to яблоко, not as some sort of generic, so it means "this apple", a very particular and specific apple.

In English, however, instead of "this apple", we'd say "the apple". There are only a limited number of odd instances where we would ask, "Where is this apple?" As in, "I have the apple that the witch used to try to kill Snow White!" Response:"Oh yeah? Well, where is this apple?"

Mostly, though, you'd be asking where "the apple" is.


Why is it "the" one way and "this" in another sentence?


Weird to ask 'where is this apple' , it is obviously here!


Where is "THIS" apple???

[deactivated user]

    Why did это sound like ты during the audio?


    добавьте where is the apple


    Apple and plural Apples has different words and pronunciation in russian?


    Someone is really obsessed with apples. Someone give him back his apple, no not any apple, this apple!


    This may sound weird to English speakers, but pretend you are a tourist in Moscow and you have a map with a building on it. Now ask someone "where is this square?"


    Could it be 'where is the apple'?


    Қуып кеттіңо


    Ada yang bisa jelaskan apa perbedaannya?


    I know I should already know this but I am having difficulty understanding the difference between Это, эта, этот. Can soneone help? Thkd


    "где это яблоко"? is a pretty strange syntactical structure in English. Does it make sense in Russian? Why would you ask this?


    This apple? Sure? I believe it should be 'the apple'


    same remark as "Where is this radio?"


    I chose "это" both times in this round, and both were marked incorrect though it is listed as the correct answer. I reported it each time.

    Edit - Well now I'm stuck on this. It won't accept any answer (I tried every option). I'll have to quit the session and lose everything. Very disappointing.


    Can someone please explain th diffence between ето, это, and этот???


    ето doesn't exist, это is "this is/is this" or "the", этот means "this"


    Сука Блядь


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