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Horray! I completed the Russian tree!

I've worked on this since it came out nearly every day, and this will be my fourth tree completed. I studied Russian on and off for about a dozen years informally plus I speak Polish fluently, so it wasn't as difficult for me. Best of luck to everyone else learning this awesome Slavic language!

November 29, 2015



Поздравляю! I haven't seen many 'I'm finished!' posts from non-native speakers, you might be only the second... unless people have just been keeping very quiet about finishing...


Congrats! Still working my way down. I've been hit with a lot of grammar exercises lately that have been draining my energy.


Вітаю! (Congrats in Ukrainian) Once Russian comes out for iOS I'll probably continue doing lessons there.


Congratulations! It's still a long way for me to finish the tree (:-


Congratulations! I hope to join you in a couple of days.


Congratulations! You sure don't waste any time do you? Well done. Now share your tips!


Мои искренние поздравления!


Congrats! I'm working on it right now, along with Ukrainian and German. I can't wait for Polish to be released because I'm part Polish and really want to learn the language of my ancestors. But so far I'm warming up with Russian and Ukrainian haha!

Slavic languages rule!


Congratulations! Did you report errors?


I reported a few, yes.

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