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"He finishes writing the article."

Translation:Он заканчивает писать статью.

November 29, 2015



It seems to me that this sentence is an example of poor English grammar. We are not sure if this means he is finishing the article right now, or if he WILL finish it, or if he finishes the article on a regular basis (like formatting a daily submission).


I agree, this sentence is very poor English indeed.


Yes, we'd certainly say "He is finishing writing the article," or even more likely, "He's finishing writing that article." But not this. It's like how we'd never actually say "See Spot run."


Does someone monitor these messages? Several people have commented that this sentence is an example of poor grammar. The sentence needs to be changed. People are asking if the perfective verb or the imperfective should be used, but with the sentence as it is, it’s impossible to tell.


No, it's a grammatical English sentence, and it is clear that the 'finishes' verb must be imperfective (it's present tense) and the 'writing' verb must also be imperfective (one finishes a process).


Huh. Why is that clear to you? It isn't at all clear to me. :/


Shouldn't we use написать instead?


No, because if he is finishing doing something now then by definition the action is not yet finished, i.e. we can't use a perfective verb here.


But IS he finishing now? To me this sentence sounds just as likely to be a general statement about a recurring action... for instance, about an editor who always puts the finishing touch on every article that gets published in his paper.


I was curious about this too. Isn't there a way to say, "He wrote the article."?


That would be "Он написал статью". but "He wrote the article." is different from "He finishes writing the article." both in English and in Russian.


Он дописывает статью.


Why is the infinitive >писать<< used here instead of, say <<писает>


"Он окончает писать статью." Any reason DL can't accept this?


The verb you're looking for is заканчивать (заканчиваться)


Yes, I know "заканчивать" is what DL wants. What I was trying to ask about was "оканчивать." Does "оканчивает" also work for this translation? Or, if not, what does it do to the meaning? Thanks!


We don't say оканчивает in such sense. You may use оканчивает for translate he is finishing the university/education/course - он оканчивает университет/образование/курс but not он оканчивает писать/читать however people will understand you.

Заканчивать you can use in both cases and this word is more common


I thin it's something like, to finish whereas with за means to end.


Valentin, that doesn't make any sense. If 'zakanchivaet' means he ends. then the sentence reads 'He ends writing the article' and it is not possible to say this in English.


Писать , you mean?


он заканчивает писать статыо - i wrote this and it's not accepted?


You have written "статЫО" instead of "статЬЮ".


ah ha! I see. I'm a fool, thanks for pointing that out to me. Have a nice weekend :)


Same to you! Happy learning! =)


It looks like you didn't use the correct Russian letter 'yu' at the end of the phrase. You have written 'IO' instead.


ah ha! I see. I'm a fool, thanks for pointing that out to me. Have a nice weekend :)


Он заканчивает написание статьи. - Is more accurate translation.


The infinitive is 'писать' (not 'написать'); shouldn't the verbal noun be 'писание' (not 'написание')?


Several people have alerted Duo to the fact that this sentence is poorly constructed. The exact meaning is indecipherable. Therefore, it is impossible to know if the perfective or imperfective verb should be used.

It is unclear if the subject of the sentence writes articles daily, or monthly, or if the subject is writing one article, one time. I'm surprised that the error has not been corrected yet.


Is он скончит писать статью possible?


No, there's no such word as "скончит" in Russian. There are "закончит" and "окончит" (both mean pretty much the same with the former being more common), but they are in the future tense - "he will finish".


Can you also say "он заканчивает статью писать"?


Yeah,this sentence is very poor English. If he is in the process (as it sounds), then we would say "he is finishing writing the article". Using the present simple is for things we do habitually (maybe a job). In that case you'd need to drop the article and pluralize the noun: "He finishes writing articles" (this is his specific job). So grammatically-speaking, this English sentence is meaningless.


might not be directly related to this exercise in particular, but can someone give an info in which situations to use the imperfective form for verbs in the infinitive, and when to use perfective verbs in infinitive? in sentences such as this one where a verb in infinitive is required i never know whether to use the perfective or the imperfective form! really hope someone can help and thanks in advance :)


Would it be all right to substitute 'писание' for 'писать'? I did, and it was rejected. In general, I don't know when to use the infinitive, when the verbal noun.

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