"У тебя есть время?"

Translation:Do you have time?

November 29, 2015

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how would you say "do you have the time?"


There is no close equivalent to it, the closest is "ты не знаешь сколько время?" - literally "don't you know what time it is?". Usually it's just "сколько время?".


«Сколько времени». In speech, «сколько время» is used by some but a number of decades have to pass until it is considered OK. After all, why would время be the only noun in the language that uses сколько with Nominative and столько/много/мало with Genitive (singular or plural, depending on whether it is a mass noun)?


Oh, shame on me, that false feeling of confidence.., I didn't even think about this thing. However, it's quite common (typical lazy reduction of the last sounds), albeit nowadays too colloquial. You can even see a website with such a name dot com)


Is reduction normal in every day Russian speech? I ask because my GF often writes things like норм instead of нормально, although on speech... I haven't paid much attention(when we do actually speak on russian)


Most russian adjectives (and maybe some verbs, can't remember) have "short forms" used in both speech and writing, but they're pretty easily identifiable as what they are.

In informal writing or texting, though, abbreviating things like that is common in every language.


abbreviations like норм, нра, хор are a one-off thing. Норм is common for speech OR writing as an informal replacement of нормально. At least if you are young.


is "время" read "vrimE" or "vrimIA"? (spelled as russian words)


Something between /'vrʲemʲɪ/ and /'vrʲemʲə/. The last vowel sounds quite similar or identical to how unstressed и, э, or е sound in a Russian word.


Is this asking if a person can tell the time (has a watch) or if they have time to do something?


You ask this if you want to know whether the person has the time to do something / has some spare time etc.


I think 'Do you have the time?' could also be accepted. E.g. 'I know you want to do it, but do you have the time?'


Почему нет артикля? Это же существительное. (A time?)


do you say that if you’re asking what time it is ?


What time is it? - Который час?


intonation is not interrogative

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