"Is that right?"

Translation:Stemmer det?

November 29, 2015

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would saying "Er det riktig" be correct and does it sound natural?


It is accepted, but it would sound unnatural in most cases.


Hello Leon, would the single word sentence "Stemmer?" be as acceptable as "Right?" is in AmEng? 18Jul17


It's a transitive verb, so an object is required :)

A better translation for "Right?" would be "Ikke sant?".

As a statement, "Det stemmer" ("That's right/correct"), it may sometimes be shortened to "Stemmer", but this is slang, and not correct in Bokmål.


Well, not an expert here but I'd say that "det" is not an object but actually the subject. Det stemmer. Stemmer det?


Does this have anything to do with "right" as a direction, or is it more like "correct", or " ethical"? For that matter....lol...rights as in human rights? English has too many "right" words.


I believe it's more related with "truth" as if you ask "is that true?"


What is the literal translation? Kawthar's translation is more mechanical and makes sense to an English speaker. What is the difference?


Man, with some new words I realize again that English, Norwegian and German (and other languages) are related to each other, but still you can't directly translate every word in every language. This is one of those examples: riktig and stemmer are different words but basically mean the same, but you also use them differently. In English both can only be translated with right, while in German it's richtig and stimmt and it's so obvious, they sound the same. Often I have to translate sentences first into German (it's my first language) to properly translate them back into English or Norwegian, or to understand the grammar or the meaning behind it better. This is kind of getting on my nerves, but still it amazes me <3


Is "Ikke sant?" a possible answer or not?

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