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Please help me with prepositions!

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I know I already posted a discussion about prepositions earlier, and everyone explained them to me but I am still so confused! I looked at y'all's links but it's just really confusing. (Sorry if me commenting about prepositions over and over again is getting annoying)

Here are all the prepositions I know/remember: Bij, aan, in, op, om, voor, terwijl, maar, of, van, uit, over, achter, onder, met, zonder, door, sinds, naast, na, naar, 's, varkbij, dichbij, and there are probably more but I can't remember.

So this is what I think they mean. Please correct me or show when it's used in different ways.

Bij- at, by?

Aan- to/on? But why is it to; and when is it used as on?

In- in, into

Op- on (i pretty positive it's on)

Om- at (as in time)

Voor- for, before, in front of

Tenzij- unless

Maar- but

Of- or

Van- of, from. But why is it from?

Uit- from(with kommen), out

Over- above, about. But why is it about?

Achter- behind

Onder- under, below, beneath

Met- with

Zonder- without

Door- I have no idea, I've just seen it

Sinds- since

Naast- next to (not near)

Na- after

Naar- to, towards

's- in the (as in time)

Vlakbij/Dichbij- near? (I probably spelled them wrong)

2 years ago