"In summer we walk more often than in winter."

Translation:Летом мы ходим пешком чаще, чем зимой.

November 29, 2015



Could you use гуляем without пешком? For example, in this case, <<Летом мы чаще гуляем, чем зимой>>?

February 4, 2017


yes you can, if to stroll = to walk

June 28, 2019


What is exactly the difference between 'летом мы ходим чаще, чем зимой' and 'летом мы ходим ПЕШКОМ чаще, чем зимой' ?

November 29, 2015


Given alone they mean the same since the default meaning for "ходить" is moving on foot. But in some context the first sentence might mean "ходить на лыжах", "ходить в горы", "ходить в магазин" etc whereas the second sentence emphasizes clearly that it's "on foot".

November 29, 2015
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