"Как восстановить память компьютера?"

Translation:How do you restore the computer's memory?

November 29, 2015

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In English, "a computer's memory" and "computer memory" are basically the same thing, with the latter being a more general form. Is there some technical reason it should not be accepted? I'll report it, just in case.


I already reported it 4 years ago (see earlier comments). If it's not fixed to this day, I assume there are no plans to accept it.


why is восстановить in the infinitive? can we say вы восстановите память компьютера?


No. That would mean "Are you restoring the computer memory?". The literal interpretation is " How to restore the computer memory?". They just chose a different phrasing.


А "the memory of the computer"?


It's never referred to that way. In fact I would argue that should be just "computer memory" without the possessive. At least that's the term that sounds most natural to me.


Answered that way too - sadly not accepted. Will report.


Typical word order and how words fit together in general is not the same in English as in Russian, and you have to translate the sense, not the literal meaning.


Is it just me or the new male speaker sounds like he says "памичь" instead of "память"? Is this intentional? And is that way of pronouncing words common in Russia?


the pronunciation is "пАмить"


What does восстановить mean literally? Is the root word from "stop" related?


Is "How can we restore the computer's memory" a valid translation here? It seems to me if there can be an inferred "you", it could just as easily be an inferred "we". It is fundamentally asking the same thing: What needs to be done in order to restore the memory?


It seems to me that "How can the computer's memory be restored?" should be an acceptable translation.

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