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  5. "Adam bankaya gidiyor."

"Adam bankaya gidiyor."

Translation:The man is going to the bank.

November 29, 2015



Should "Adam (the man's name) is going to the bank" also be accepted?


Yep, it was just forgotten. Just remember that if you say this sentence to a Turk, they will always assume "the man" unless you have been talking about a person named "Adam." (Adam is not a Turkish name)

[deactivated user]

    We have Âdem :)


    Exactly ;) But if my name were Adam and I went to Turkey, my name is still Adam.


    Thanks for the clarification chaps :-)


    Çocuklar parka gidiyor -the children are going to the park And Adam bankaya gidiyor-the man is going to the bank. Why not banka gidiyor?


    Because park is park in Turkish and for dative case, the suffix "a" is added. However, bank is banka in Turkish,so for dative the suffix ya is added to it which turns it into bankaya.


    We say to "THE" bank and not "to bank". If we wanted to say "to bank" what should be the phrase? Sorry if it is a stupid question..


    In Turkish it would stay the same, but in English you normally go to THE bank. You might want to go to A bank but that's not very common. Nobody says "go to bank".

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