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"Do you like rice? Yes, I like rice."

January 9, 2013



Why couldn't it be "du" riz, since the English doesn't say "the" rice?


aime/adore are always followed by le/la or les.


Thanks Emma_1989! Good to know.


Because if you say 'Tu aimes du riz' you would be saying 'Would you like some rice'. Different meaning.


that's helpful. can anyone add anything?


I got this question wrong because I forgot about the French dual use of le, la, les which is a trap for English speakers.

In English we use the to indicate those ones right there, that soup right there . So we say I like the soup/ I like the roses. French use le/ la/ les in the same way.

In English when want to speak of things in general we drop the article. I like soup/ I like roses . We are saying I like all soup/ all roses .

But in French we can't drop the article. Just like English, French does not have an article that conveys the general sense of the noun. So they have given le/ la/ les a second usage which is ...all examples of something.. J'aime les roses/ I like roses. (I like all roses).

This represents a trap for English speakers because we don't use the in that way. We see the as always meaning those roses right there.

So we are inclined to use des/ du/ some when we want to speak generally. But of course some is not all. Some is not all examples of something. What is required is la/ le/ les which is all in particular instances.

Only context can tell you which is the intended meaning.

Hope this helps.


Thanks! That helps a lot to clarify this becasue I always get it wrong.


Emma_1989: Je aime le lait????


I understand this is wrong in the context of this question but meaning wise is this correct:

"Tu aimes le riz?" "Oui, je l'aime!"


Why is "est-ce que t'aimes le riz?" wrong but " est-ce que tu aimes le riz?" correct? I thought you had to apostrophe-ise in cases like these.


Can I answer "Oui, j'en aime/j'y aime"?

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