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  5. "У мене червоне горло."

"У мене червоне горло."

Translation:I have a red throat.

November 29, 2015



What is the point of this statement? In English, would I be stating "I have a sore throat"? What is the practical application?


Didn't make any sense to me, either. Maybe "sore throat" is expressed "red throat (червоне горло)" in Ukrainian.


Google Translate gives "sore throat" -> "біль у горлі."

Any native Ukrainian speakers around to chime in on the significance (if any) of having a red throat?


Почервоніння горла свідчить про якийсь недуг. Найчастіше причиною червоного горла є зараження вірусами різної природи. Про червоне горло каже лікар, який обстежує вас або вашу дитину. Наприклад, "У вашої дитини червоне горло, потрібне ретельне обстеження, щоб виявити причину". А у повсякденному житті ми про червоне горло не розмовляємо) (Звісно це можливо, але дуже рідко). Якщо у нас болить горло, то ми так і кажемо "у мене болить горло" або "мені боляче ковтати"

Redness of the throat indicates some kind of ailment. Often, the cause of the red throat is infection by viruses of different nature. The doctor who examines you or your child says about the red throat. For example, "Your child has a red throat, a thorough examination is required to identify the cause." In everyday life we do not talk about a red throat) (Of course this is possible, but very rarely). Іf we have a sore throat, then we say "I have a sore throat" or "I hurt to swallow". I hope the google translate is not very distorted my words and you understand what I mean)


Why not "my throat is red"?


"У мене" is "I have", if you wanted the other you would need, "Моє горло червоне"


It's accepted now. I suspect it actually corresponds better to the meaning and use of the Ukrainian.


I have a red throat might be the literal translation, but we all have red throats. I think what's really trying to be said here is I have a sore throat.


Doctors look for redness of throats as a sign of infection, if I recall my sore throat doctor visits correctly. I suppose that a healthy throat is considered to be pink.


Should be pronounced мЕне, not менЕ, because it is preceded by a preposition

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