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  5. "No, that was not cool."

"No, that was not cool."

Translation:Nei, det var ikke kult.

November 29, 2015



how do you know whether to use kul/kult/kule, similar to god/godt/gode?? I always mix it up. when you're talking about plurals, you add the e with some words(not necessarily these examples), right??


I see this hasn't been answered yet. To use kul as an example for the adjectival endings: kul agrees with masculine and feminine nouns, kult with neuter nouns, and kule with plurals. In this case, kult modifies det, which is technically neuter, hence the neuter form.

However, when it's being used to modify a definite noun, the adjective always takes the form ending in -e: Hun er en kul lærer (indefinite), BUT hun er den kuleste læreren (definite).


Cool as in acceptable/desirable or temperature?


As in acceptable/desirable. 'cool' as in 'cold' would be 'kjølig'.

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