"Vi så en kul film."

Translation:We saw a cool movie.

November 29, 2015

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So, is that one of those "språkråd" words, or do people actually say that?


Kul meaning cool must be one of the most frequently spoken words among tweens. And it is indeed an example of how we change the spelling when adopting certain foreign words.


Wow, I didn't know. In German most loan words are just integrated into the language as they are. If someone said "kühl" instead of "cool", they'd only do it to mock old people (for not understanding youth culture) or Nazis (for trying to avoid or awkwardly translate loan words).


Yes, there are different ways in different lanaguages when it comes to adopting foreign words. By the way, "kühl" would be kjølig in Norwegian as far as I know.


sorry, I do this on my mobile most of the time, what are språkråd words?


I'm assuming he means the words "Språkrådet" (the organization mandated by the government to strengthen the Norwegian language(s) and nurture our linguistic diversity) make up to replace new loanwords. Some of them catch on, and some not.

As other people have pointed out above, this is a word that hasn't really been replaced by a new Norwegian word, but rather had its spelling altered to conform to Norwegian ortography.


For an English speaker, zero knowledge of Norwegian is needed to translate this sentence from the audio :D


So how do you say a "cool serie" in Norwegian? It'd be a really helpful sentence since kona mi ser netflix series all the time


"en kul serie"


I thought that was outdated in the USA by now. Lol


Movie is American. In England we would say film

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