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  5. "Drink water with salt."

"Drink water with salt."

Translation:Tuzlu su iç.

November 29, 2015



whats the exact difference between tuzlu su iç. and suyu tuzla iç. and why in the first sentence the 4-ways vowel is used while in the other sentence the 2-ways vowel is used i feel like i am missing something


The first one implies that the water "contains" salt. The latter implies that they are separate (like how some people lick salt after drinking tequila).

There are two different suffixes here: -lI means "with/containing" and is used with mixtures, -(y)lA is a case and would be "with/accompanying/along with" :)

-(y)la can also be used to mean "and" sometimes.


So, "drink saltless water" is "tuzsuz su uç" and "drink water without salt" is "suyu tuzsuz iç" ?


Well, yes and no :)

If "water without salt" is a phrase, it would be ""tuzsuz su uç"

If "without salt" is an adverbial phrase describe the manner in which you drink water and not the water itself, it would be "suyu tuzsuz iç"


thank you things are more clear now. that is why it is Öğretmenle not Öğretmenli. it was a real help


Why is "Su tuzlu iç" incorrect...?


would it be correct to say: tuzlu suyu iç.


Hey, these explanations already helped me a lot, but I've got one last question:

"suyu" is the Dative case then? Is that always the case, like I need to use the Dative case with the Istrumental...?


"suyu" is the accusative. "suya" is the dative" "suyla" is the instrumental.

You cannot use the dative and instrumental at the same time. One word can only have one case at a time.


oops, got it. makes sense :) thanks!


Why does suyu take the accusative here if there is no "the" in the English sentence?


"suyu" is the accusative in general. General direct objects do not take the accusative case though, unlike most European languages.


Is salted water a thing now? I've seen this example too many times with different constructions. I'm all for the funny nonsensical examples (I actually love them and think they are what make Doulingo different and fresh, in addition to keeping one on edge while practicing); however, unless in certain "very specific" situations, this can be a dangerous thing to instil into children's (or adults) brains! Fruit for thought!


I usually think of salted water as a medicinal thing e.g. to relieve a sore throat.


Well yeah for example you can drink salted water after exercising to get the salt (like sodium ions, chlorine ions, potassium ions, etc.) back ;)

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