"Я умею играть на гитаре, но у меня её нет."

Translation:I know how to play the guitar, but I do not have one.

November 29, 2015

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No understanding of why гитаре is correct but гитара is wrong. This app needs explanations and notes instead of just trial and error repitition.


Yes, currently I just have an extra browser window with grammar, and come here to the comments when I'm in doubt. Definitely not optimal.


Yes, it would be helpful to have some sort of index handy as the rules can be buried in a lesson with a different title. I went back and looked for prepositional case but couldn't find it until the second time this exercise came around.


This is how babies learn to speak; it's what I find so good about this method. Repetition helps you understand what 'naturally' goes together. In a previous course, I learned that when playing an instrument, the noun goes into the prepositional case and играть is followed by на. For games and sports, use играть в (+ accusative). But it is far easier to simply learn a few such as играть на гитаре / скрипке (violin) and играть в футбол / шахматы (chess).


Fair, but they shouldn't be mutually exclusive. Opting for learning via repetition should not preclude them from giving you lesson notes.


Was a time not long ago when people complained about the repetition and so duolingo made all the lessons smaller. I too think the repetition method is the best way to learn. Shame duo didn't agree.


that would be fine if it weren't for the restrictive and punishing (and frankly ableist) heart system that prevents you from practicing for getting things wrong and trying to learn


The heart system does force you to go practice earlier lessons, which cements the learning.


Prepositional case


"I know how to play the guitar, but I do not have it" is weird and wrong "...do not have one" is right

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Agree. "I do not have it" sounds like the player is not gifted, does not have any talent.


I don't believe that Russian has a word for "one" with that meaning so maybe that's why the literal translation sounds so odd.


Why is "... but I have none" wrong?


Does the 'Eë' in this case mean 'it' and it is referncing the guitar? Or is the guitar feminan, and it means 'she' as in the genetive case?



The literal translation would be "but I do not have her". Nouns get replaced with a pronoun that correspond to their gender in Russian, even if they are inanimate objects. Since inanimate objects are referred to as "it" in English, that is what "её" would translate to when referring to a guitar, in context. For example: "Где твоя гитара? Я её не вижу." — "Where is your guitar? I do not see it.

And you're right, её is in the genetive case here.


I was so focused on её meaning her, that I thought this was a joke sentence at first. "I know how to play the guitar but still dont have one girlfriend"


Я также хочу знаю.


"Я также хочу знать". — Don't forget that a verb that follows a conjugated verb needs to be in the infinitive.


Isn't 'тоже' better than 'также' here?


У меня гитара, но и не умею играть на неё.


What requires 'на' to be there? "играть" оr "гитаре"?


It's the prepositional case, therefore the noun requires a preposition.

More examples with "играть":

  • играть в футбол (activity, accusative)
  • играть Чайковского (composer's name, accusative)
  • играть вальс (waltz) (musical composition, accusative)
  • играть с ребёнком (with a child, instrumental)
  • играть на гитаре (musical instrument, prepositional)
  • играть в доме (at the house, prepositional)


So how come the use of a guitar is prepositional when it is not indicating location, per se?


Think about it this way: the guitar is a place where your hands are when you are playing :)


Sometimes people say that they can 'play on guitar' in English.


"I know how to play a guitar" was deemed wrong. I think not.


Why can't "dont" just be a typo and not a mistake?


Possibly because you aren't including the apostrophe in the word "don't"? It may be critical to include it because of grammatical error, i.e., "dont" vs. "don't".


For cliff, because guitar is feminine in Russian. So we use "Eё" :)


This sounds so wrong, because it feels like eë talks about a very specific guitar. Can one express the concept of "a guitar" (i.e. an arbitrary instance of the concept of "guitar") in a Russian sentence like this?


And the pronoun for guitar is female, её, because гитара is a feminine noun


Hey peeps, I'm confused as to why playing the guitar was in prepositional, but then a few questions later when dealing with playing the piano, 'piano' was not in prepositional, even though in both cases it said На as in 'на гитаре' 'на пианино'?? Thanks!


If I remember correctly, someone commented that "пианино" is indeclinable because it's a word of foreign origin. So "на пианино" is prepositional


Why is её in this sentence? is it because guitar would normally be "гитара"?


Yes. See JanisaChatte's comment above.


The audio is kinda crusty


I can play the guitar but i do not own one. How is this wrong?


What is wrong with "don't have one"? Reported

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