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"She is looking for bigger pants."

Translation:Она ищет брюки побольше.

November 29, 2015



Она ищет побольше брюки is not accepted. Is that an error or is the word order really that important?


I faced the same issue.


Побольше штаны doesn't work either


"Побольше штанов" would sound ok, but it means a number of pants, not their size. Otherwise, "штаны побольше" is a more natural word order.


What is the difference between штаны and брюки?


I'd say "штаны" is the more colloquial term.

Все это великолепие разбивалось о маленькую бумажку, прилепленную к входной двери магазина:


– Фу, как грубо, – сказал Остап, входя, – сразу видно, что провинция. Написала бы, как пишут в Москве: «Брюк нет», прилично и благородно. Граждане довольные расходятся по домам.

И. Ильф Е. Петров. Золотой теленок, 1931

All of this shattered magnificently when it bumped up against a small piece of paper affixed to the shop entrance:


"Ugh, how rude!" Ostap said as he went inside. "You can tell right off we're in the provinces. They could've written it decently and nobly, like they do in Moscow: 'No Trousers.' Then the citizens all go back home satisfied."

Ilya Ilf Evgeny Petrov. The Little Golden Calf, 1931


Thank you! Loved the descriptive passage, as well.


No difference at all. Штаны might be used more often in spoken language and брюки in written language.


My answer should been corrected. I wrote: Она ищет побольше брюки... Why is it not accepted?


From what understand, побольше is an adverb, and evidently therefore comes after.


i wrote она ищет более большие брюки is this wrong?


Don't say "более большой" or "менее маленький" please.

Use the adjective "бо́льший" or the adverb "побо́льше" and "ме́ньший" / "поме́ньше".


Can you explain why not to do that? I've seen the suggestion not to many times, but I don't know why it is the case. Thanks!


I see there is an English version of the idiom "масло масляное": "much of a muchness" (or "salt is salty"). This is the very case :)
In short, two similar sounding words one after another.


why do we need the По here in front of побольше. Is this like говорю по-русски? So kind of equivalent to "in the ____ way". I need pants in the bigger way.


Is this like говорю по-русски?

No, that's completely unrelated. We add the prefix "по-" to the comparative form of an adjective when we imply something like "a bit", "just a little" before it. "Больше" - "bigger", "побольше" - "a little bigger", "страшнее" - "scarier", "пострашнее" - "a bit scarier", "сильнее" - "stronger", "посильнее" - "just a little stronger" and so on. Just like in English it doesn't really change the meaning, simply adds some flavor to it. However when we are talking about clothing size it's a common convention to use "побольше" and "поменьше" instead of "больше" and "меньше". Using the latter pair is not technically wrong, but it sounds awkward for a native speaker. Maybe that's because usually we are talking about a small difference when we ask for a different size in a store; maybe it's because "больше" and "меньше" are also adverbs, which respective meanings are "more"/"anymore" and "less", and people find that distracting; or maybe there's no reason at all and it is so simply because it is so.


Is anyone able to tell me why «Ей» was not accepted over «она» here? I understand it is incorrect to use «Ей», just not sure why. Thanks.

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