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Options for "Strengthen"

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It would be great if you could choose what kind of lesson you want. For example:

  • Native to foreign language

  • Foreign to native language

  • Words / Vocabulary (or improve the flashcards with images/etc.)

  • Listening comprehension

  • Speaking Exercise

Another options could be:

  • Number of exercises

  • Mix (which types of exercises have to appear how often)

  • Difficulty (more complex or more short sentences?)

  • Timed practice

As an example, I can see that I'm good at translating Portuguese to English (German's my native language), but English to Portuguese is still difficult, especially the spelling of the words, because I don't write them often – obviously, Duolingo shows much more foreign to native exercises. That's why I'd like to practice native to foreign.

2 years ago

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If you want to do native to foreign, then start the reverse tree.(English for Portuguese speakers)

2 years ago