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"После этого мне туда идти не стоит."

Translation:After that, I should not be going there.

November 29, 2015


[deactivated user]

    What word makes it clear that "I should not go there" is wrong? How to say "I should not go there" as opposed to "..be going.."?


    Maybe that идти is imperfective, but that seems picky as the English doesn't really correspond in this case.

    If anything, the version with "I should not go there" corresponds more to the general/habitual, while "I should not be going there" has a whiff of the immediate present, though I'd have trouble explaining why - just usage.


    Earlier in the DL Russian course I learned that мне не стоит meant "it's not worth it to me." But that translation was not accepted here. So when does it mean "I should not" and when "it's not worth it to me"?


    Need a Russian to explain this one to me. Can't make heads or tails of this phrase.


    Стоит "cost" is stressed incorrectly in every audio so it is mixed with стоит "stand". In this particular sentence it is impossible to catch wich word is actually to be used in this idiomatic context.

    DL pleeeeeease correct these audios!!!


    Why not "after this I shouldn't go there" ?


    Could a native/fluent Russian speaker elaborate on how this figure of speech works? Especially: is this стои'т, "be, stand" (as the voice pronounces it) or should it be сто'ит, "cost, worth"? Unfortunately, we can't trust the TTS choice of stress.

    I dislike trying to learn something on the basis of one example. Can you give another?

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