"Why does she cook?"

Translation:Зачем она готовит?

November 29, 2015

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pardon me if this has been posted some where else, but what is the difference between the usage of "зачем" and "почему"? both are accepted as answers


Use «почему» when asked about the cause (something that happened before).
Use «зачем» when asking about the goal (which is usually in the future).

Sometimes «почему» might be used instead of «зачем», but not the other way around («зачем» is more specific).


"зачем" is "what for". "почему" is "why".. very subtle difference. I think "what for" isn't used much in english.. but in russian we use "зачем" a lot.

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    May I say Почему means"what is the reason" while зачем means "what is the aim"?


    No, they are not. Почему is not accepted. Should be.


    omg I just had the awakening. Зачем = за чём

    "for what" does she cook / what does she cook for


    Could one also ask, " Зачем готовит"?


    Then it's no longer clear who or what is cooking here. Maybe in the right context but without context it doesn't work.


    Ok...I got the answer right but wanted to confirm that if it were already established that "she" is the subject, она would be unnecessary...


    I won't say definitely that it never works, but even if it's known who the subject is I still would expect to hear она here.


    couldn't this also translate to why is she cooking?


    technically, but i think its incorrect so you dont see зачем and почему as the same


    What's the difference between "почему" and "какой хрен"?

    Yesterday my wife said "Какой хрен ты апельсин купил? Я тебе чётко сказала мандарин! Думай башкой следующий раз!"

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