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Please! More Russian words pronounced for translations from Russian to English

Not all, but many of the exercises in which we have to translate from Russian to English have no sound in Russian when I move the cursor over the word (although it does display the English translation). It would be very helpful if the Russian pronunciation was also produced, since so much of language learning is hearing again and again how a word sounds, not just how to spell it. Some of the exercises have this already. Would it be possible to have the option of the Russian word pronounced (with the cursor on the word, perhaps) on all of the Russian to English translations?

November 29, 2015



I'm not sure if this will happen on this course but, in case you don't know about it (sorry if you do) forvo ( http://forvo.com )has been my best friend with regards to pronunciation.


Thanks for the suggestion. Actually I ususally just use google translate if I have a question on the pronunciation, but it takes a while to spell out the word. I also know there is a memrise course based on the Russian duolingo course which I started but have been concentrating on the main course here. It just would be so easy if a simple mouseover would have the word pronounced!


I hear what you're saying on the typing into Google Translate. Ditch that. If you're doing Russian go with https://translate.yandex.com It will anticipate words for you and also autocorrect in the translation window.

It will not always match Duolingo, but I'm finding it so much more useful than Google Translate. (I let Yandex autocorrect then paste into Forvo - not ideal, but I'd wager better than what you're using :) )


Great recommendation! Thanks! I love the word anticipation, it will save so much time.


In Russian, this is much better than I did encounter one / two of other languages that have almost no audio for words and many sentences before. I don't know whether is the technical issues or the developer intended to do that by not giving all of them to have audio(s). Another big issue is that, there should be one and only one accent to pronounce words and characters which I am currently still struggling through. Otherwise, how to use the speech option in this application to practice Russian? Internationally, we should not invent new accent to pronounce Russian despite the fact that there are other factors to affect the pronounciation of our own when we speak.

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