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  5. "Он идёт со мной."

"Он идёт со мной."

Translation:He is going with me.

November 29, 2015



Difference between 'со' and 'с'?


For ease of pronunciation, when “с” it is followed by two or more consonants, it is often written as “со”. This way it can be pronounced as a word on it’s own rather than combined with the following word.



Thank you very much!


Btw, the same is true for several other prepositions: под (подо мной, under/beneath me), над (надо мной, above me), перед (передо мной, in front of me), из in some expressions (изо всех сил, with all one's strength; изо дня в день, from day to day).


Well now everything makes sense, thanks a lot!


But, is it grammatically correct to use "с" in those cases instead of "со" (or with "в" and "во") besides the phonetic convenience and vice versa ?


Well, it is not correct. You'll never hear things like "с мной", this is definitely wrong. There are some peculiarities though, for instance: обо мне, обо всём (about me, about everything, о -> об -> обо) is the modern norm, о мне, о всём (the same) is considered really archaic now.


Thank you very much for the information!


У меня вопрос: Вы едите бутерброд с швейцарским сыром, или со швейцарским сыром? Согласно Google Ngram, даже до сих пор используют обе формы. Откуда Вы? Возможно вариация (изменение?) — независима на диалектах. Я говорю на боле западном (эстонском) диалекте русского.

/Роберт А, живущий в Швеции.


Роберт, к сожалению, не могу ответить вам в той ветке (видимо, лимит вложений исчерпан). Я говорю на литературном русском, скорее, даже с уклоном в архаику (достаточно часто употребляю несколько устаревшие слова). Я долго жил в России, потому слышал всякое, но тем не менее считаю, что когда есть альтернатива, лучше таки выбирать более благозвучный вариант.


Роберт, я бы сказал «со швейцарским сыром». «сшв» — как-то нехорошо, неблагозвучное сочетание.


@Menolion Ясно. А Вы говорите на боле юном диалекте русского, да? На Вашем профили написано, что Вы живёте в середине Украины, в Черкассы. Кстати, Вы когда-нибудь слышали «с швейцарским сыром» (сочетание с-шв, с-сл или с-св/с-сф)? Так говорят люди, у которых другие диалекты?


Ugh. It sounds more like он идет "за" мной. I should read sentences before writing the answer :P

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Same here, it sounds this way even to a native's ear


Why do you do duolingo with your own mothertongue


I am a native Russian but I learn Russian in Duolingo because I want to have a harder version of English language course. The English language course is too easy and I need to spend A LOT of time to get to the hard level. There are such easy sentences like "I drink milk.", "I like to work in the garden", etc. I hate it. Russian language course was made for native English speakers so that's what I need.


Learning English in the parallel course.


(Sorry, I can't reply to comments on the app because it gives an error)

@Antoon, yes "to go along with someone" has an idiomatic meaning, although I wouldn't exactly say "to agree with". I'd probably say it's more like "I don't agree with you but I'm doing/accepting what you want for some reason". Your sentence can still be understood, but with the idiom I don't recommend it to Duo as an accepted translation.

@Dmitri I wouldn't worry about it. So long as you write it that way, no one is likely to say anything unless someone is just looking for innuendos.


Почему не принято "He goes along with me"?


How exactly is "со" pronounced here? Is it an equivalent to "sa" or "so", or something else? It's only one silable, so it should be "so", but the audio sounds different? Thanks!

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It sounds like за (as the first syllable in German sagen) and not со (as the first syllable in word Soviet). I can't think of any other examples of pronunciation right now, sorry if they are not helpful. But it should definitely be pronounced со in this example. Because otherwise it will be он идёт за мной (he is going after me).


If you wanted to emphasize the "going" and not the "with me", might you say

Он со мной идёт -or- Он со мной идём -or- Он со мной идут ?

Or is that right out and any reasonable person would just say Мы с ним идём?

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