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"Norwegian is easier than English."

Translation:Norsk er lettere enn engelsk.

November 29, 2015



As another neutral third party. I like how Norwegian doesn't (often) use the odd letters like c, x, z, and w (as they do in Swedish and English ['og' vs. 'och']). Feels more natural for me as a Finn.


You are a Finn ? Ooooh ** I tried to learn Finnish, but as some frenchies, I just can't pronounce your "R" correctly :(


Hopefully we'll get that Finnish duolingo course up! It's been on the works and people have formed FB groups to support it and all. :)


Easier to learn to read and write, I'm sure. To speak and understand? I'm not sold on that. Y'all have a lot of vowels...


Not to me, it isn't! To have so many words that mean the same thing where we have one, and never knowing when to use which version is a major source of frustration. The Verb 2 thing throws me for a loop much of the time, as well.


I find the V2 thing difficult to get the hang of. And still struggle with Norwegian prepositions. But English has a much larger vocabulary and many, many words that mean (almost) the same thing. Plus even more words that mean more than one thing!


I'm forever grateful that my very first Norwegian tutor made me focus on the V2 thing almost before anything else. It really helped get to grips with it.


And I found Norwegian more...natural... for me on instinctive level. Maybe because our cultures are close due to climate and style of life? (native Russian speaker)


Weeeeell.. Not so sure about that :P


As a neutral third party.... at least the Norwegian writing system makes sense ;)


Even as a native English speaker, I'll give you that!


Oh, as a native English speaker, it's not even close. Our grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation are a complete mishmash of Latinate and Germanic roots, charmingly leavened with a million other things we picked up along the way. That flexibility is, in many ways, English's strength, but it makes it a nightmare to learn.


One aspect that I love about English is that you can verb anything :D


English...nightmare? Wait till you have a look at Mandarin... xD


Sure, writing and pronunciation are a pain, but at least the symbols are fairly one-to-one in their meanings. Unlike Japanese, who borrow the same kanji mulitple times and use it to mean entirely different things and pronoinced nowhere close to the same way.


I think that English is easier than this, everything is so backwards.


Jeg er helt enig som engelskman


Norwegian has fewer conjugations than English.

Jeg er. Du er. Han er. Hun er Vi er Du er. De er.

I am. Thou art. He is. She is. We are. They are.

And to complicate things for those whose first language is German, the third person singulars are the same in the nominative and accusative cases and different in dative in German but in English they are the same in accusative and dative but different in nominative.


Hmm, but you've managed to pick the only English verb where the conjugation is that complicated. For all other verbs it only changes for the third person singular. And who on earth says 'thou art' these days?

English is easier in that it doesn't gender its language, nor do adjectives have to agree with anything. Word order is much more flexible as well.

I think the trickiest things when learning English are probably the spelling and irregular past participles. But I'm a native speaker trying to look at it from a non-native pov, so could be wrong about that.

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