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  5. "De har en katt og en hund."

"De har en katt og en hund."

Translation:They have a cat and a dog.

November 29, 2015



Always having difficulties to differentiate "det er" and "de har" when I hear it ...


Generally, The vowel in "det" sounds like the one in "air", and the sound in "de" sounds like the one in "me"


Would it be correct to say that "en katt" is a male cat and "ei katt" would be a female cat (likewise "en hund" or "ei hund"), or are all cats male (grammatically speaking)?


Generally speaking, the grammatical gender of a noun does not reflect the biological gender of the animal it refers to. So you can refer to a male cat as "ei katt", or a female cat as "en katt".

However, we actually have a separate word for female cats, so it's a tricky example:

en/ei katt = biologically gender neutral, no matter whether you choose the feminine or masculine form.
ei katte = a separate word that technically only refers to female cats. Not seen much in writing.


Bare hyggelig!


Is there any difference in the pronunciation of hun and hund?


The sounds like "vi" nothing like "de"


Does one pronounce the g in og. I've never heard it until I slowed down the speaker's voice this time.


Normally it's not pronounced, but you can pronounce it if you speak very slowly and clearly, or you try to make a point by accenting it. Always pronouncing it sounds very unnatural, so as a rule, don't.


I accidently put a kat and a dog... At least it accepted it for my terrible english :)


The Norwegian is taking over... muahaha!


When is "de" Singular and when is it Plural?


I put "én hund" because she seemed to be stressing the "en". Apparently, that wasn't what she said (though it was accepted)


When you use an accent on the word én, you change it from the indefinite article "a" to the number "one". It's not wrong here.

To do the same with neuter nouns you write "ett" (one) instead of et (a/an).


De sounds like vi

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