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"Они сидят на кровати и слушают музыку."

Translation:They are sitting on the bed and are listening to the music.

November 29, 2015



In English we do not need to say listening to THE music. We can just listen to MUSIC.


I put "They sit in bed and listen to music", but was marked incorrect and told "You need the article "a" here". Then correct solutions are given as:

• They sit in a bed and listen to music.

• They are sitting on the bed and are listening to the music.

The latter of which noticeably does not have the indefinite article - so much for "you need the article "a" here"; or does one only need the indefinite article if one shoots for "in" as the preposition rather than the literal "on"? If so, why?

Is there any relevant qualitative difference between "in a bed" and "in bed"? Because in English I can't find any (beyond that the former tells us they're in the same bed and the latter merely strongly implies it), and in Russian, it seems to be prepositional case either way, and as we know, the preposition need not be translated literally, so what's going on with this article?


Being native English I can vouch you are clearly correct. Report it.


I think in every day English you would saey y... Th ey are sitting on the bed listening to music.... you don't need the ''and"' ....

I think you should have a native English speaker review the translations of your answers...


Have 2 lingots Rog for confirming my frustrations about ESL people "thinking they know about "a" "the" and even "an" when these words don't exist in Russian. Here, have one more lingot "for {} road"


'in bed' and 'on the bed' mean different things in English and imply a different relationship ....


Isn't in bed на кровате and this sentence should be on "the beds"?


could we say : they are sitting in bed and listening to music ? I didn't try that translation.


...sitting ON THE bed. I would also take the "and" away, but Duo isn't currently accepting that ...


Can this sentence also mean "they are sitting two different beds"?


No, it doesn't have this meaning. Your choice would be "они сидят на кроватях".


Yeah )))) I fell for that )))))

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