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Can "leaderboard" be turned on for report purposes, even without "competing with friends"?

I am teaching French with DuoLingo support, and the students love it so far. I am differentiating by letting them each go as far as they like. For homework, they need to log on at least 2x each week and earn some points (any amount, just to make it show up in my reports). One challenge I am running into is that some students forget whether they have already completed 2 days' work in a given week, and those same students are often the least likely to keep some kind of separate tracking sheet. They are then asking me whether or not they completed the 2 sessions. It would save me (and them) a lot of time and questions if students could see some kind of report for themselves showing their recent progress. I am aware that students can see a report like this if they turn on the "compete with friends" feature. Our school has asked the students not to use the social media feature on DuoLingo, though, which includes not "competing with friends" on it. They are competitive enough (not always in the healthiest ways) without having other students watch their points all of the time. They also do not have school email addresses, so they would not know if someone was following them without asking, which could clearly lead to other issues.

So for now, by not using the "competing with friends" feature, students do not get access to their own record of points. I do not think my school will change policy any time soon. Is it possible to turn on the "leaderboard" for students without having them follow each other's scores?

November 29, 2015

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Please read my reply to you in this discussion. :]

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