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Welcome to the 33rd Daily Translation Game! Try and translate this sentence into your language. As usual, I started us off with translating the English sentence into Japanese. You can choose any language you like of course (One you know or are learning), and is not limited to duolingo languages! You can also translate it into 2 or more languages if you are up for the challange! The purpose of this game is for good practice, and of course fun. It will also be cool seing this sentence in other languages, and we can help each other out if we make a mistake, or just learn something new! :D Today's sentence I put together is...

Raise the white flag!

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I ate too much food

Did you see the ridiculous advertisement?

The smoke from the fire filled my lungs

Let's meet at my house next time

Common sense is not so common

The past will not return

The plentiful harvest in the cornucopia was magnificent

I got a perfect score on my geometry test!

Polish is coming soon to Duolingo!

Life is priceless

My pleasant dream slowly faded away

Use your sword!

The gentle breeze blew away the fallen leaves.

He wiped away her tears.

My new car is expensive.

Today, the blue sky is beautiful!

The airplane is leaving the airport.

I must protect my own people!

The human race, will eventually die of civilization.

Cancer is pure evil.

Grab your umbrella, it is raining!

I am not afraid of death!

Tonight is Halloween, so let's carve pumpkins!

Last week, I saw an English movie at the movie theatre.

Venus is the 2nd planet of the solar system.

When Suzuki was young, she was not skilled in Korean (language)

Today is Friday, we are going to a party!

Did you visit Tokyo Tower?

I went to the train station yesterday.

She traveled all throughout the world.

Only, in certain things, you can be certain of the idea of certain things. (Hosted by HeyItsOcarina)

As always, If you submit a comment written in another language, like I did mine, please write it in the romanization so others can hear what it would feel like!

Sorry for posting pretty inconsistently time wise, during the week it may get better.

The reason for today's sentence... I still suck at commands in Japanese so the practice is good.

Please note, I used the the る-->ろ impolite command, so if your language has anything like that, use it!

2 years ago