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Differences between, Lison, lisons, lisent and lit ?

Hi guys

Can anyone help me to tell the difference between the words, lison, lisons, lisent and lit. And when and how do you use it ?

I've just been using duolingo for a while but it doesn't give a full detailed explanation on why certain particular words are used for example is this a past tense word, present, or do I use it as a plural word, so its quite frustrating.

I have tried looking at the internet but there's no hope, this is the last thing I could think of.

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Hi ! first, excuse my English. Here is the present tense for "Lire" : (I) Je lis ; (You) Tu lis ; (He/She/It) Il/elle/cela lit ; (We) Nous lisons ; (You, plural) Vous lisez ; (They) Ils/elles lisent

"Lison" doesn't exist as a part of the verb "Lire". It's the name of a small commune and also a river, so I don't think you will encounter this word =)

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just for give more explanation : the verb ''lire'' is ''to read'' and ''lit'' can mean (the verb to read with the subject prenoun (( it or he)) ''il'' ; and it can mean ''a bed'' )

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lison is also a french surname

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In future, what you are searching for is the 'conjugation' of the French verb lire. http://www.verb2verbe.com/conjugation/french-verb/lire.aspx

It's comparable with this in English:

I run

you run

he/she/it runs

they run

we run

I ran

I am running

I had run

I will run


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In your lessons, if you hover your mouse over the word EG "lis" it will give you the meaning. If it's a verb, then underneath the meaning there is a box that says 'conjugate' if you click it will give you a table with how to conjugate the verb. It took me a while to find this...once I did life became a whole lot easier! (At the moment, I'm only seeing present tense...but I'm sure that will change as I get further along my tree.)

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Hello ! You can use a dictionary to find the meaning of "lison". "Lit" is a bed; je vais au lit = I go to bed : je vais changer de lit = I will change bed, or I am going to change bed. "lisons", "lisent" is the verb read conjugated: Lis, lisons, lisez, sont la forme impératif (read, let's read, read) ; Ils lisent (présent de l'indicatif, troisième personne du pluriel). I am at your disposal for further explanations.

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je lis tu lis il/elle lit nous lisons vous lisez ils/elles lisent

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