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Why after only 1 day I love this course.

Learning Norwegian, might have been one of the smartest decisions I have made. After just the first lesson I fell in love. I decided to write down the tips and notes word for word, so that takes a while, but it helps a lot for the grammar and what not. I also like how Norwegian has the three vowels that aren't seen in English. (Åå, Øø, and Ææ) I like how the course developers got users using the fun new characters within the first two skills with the words: brød and smørbrød. (Which are a lot of fun to pronounce in my opinion.) I also like how there is no conjugations, and if you don't know if a word is feminine, but positive it isn't neuter, you can just use the masculine indefinite article. Although, that is where some struggle comes in because it is hard to memorize which indefinite article to use with which word. (If you guys have tips it would be greatly appreciated) Once again, I'd like to thank Team Norwegian, and I can't wait to continue on into my tree!

November 29, 2015



Welcome :D I write all of the grammar notes and new vocab down as well. At some point I stopped referring back to them because there were so many, but just the act of writing them down was very helpful.


I love the ø. My cousin says that the way you pronounce it is by making your mouth into an "o" shape and saying "e" instead. :)


It truly is a fun letter.


That's a funny way to pronounce it thanks for informing us about it.


I definitely think that learning Norwegian is a great decision and it has now become my favourite language. The Norwegian course has been the most helpful and easy to follow course I have seen. I am not writing tips and notes at the moment because the new version of the tree will be out soon.

Good luck with your Norwegian journey! Alec:)


There is a new version coming out?!? I thought it already did! When it does, I might just rewrite the tips & notes. Thanks for letting me know.


The team are working on it now. I think it might me ok to start now, because they will be mostly adding new skills and making a few tweaks to the old ones.


Welcome to the fold!
The Norwegian course is really great, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

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