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  5. "I wear a shirt and a skirt."

"I wear a shirt and a skirt."

Translation:Ben bir gömlek ve bir etek giyerim.

November 29, 2015



I wrote only "gomlek ve etek giyerim" (with the umlaut on the "o") and it was marked correct, but after seeing this complete version, I wonder how my version sounds in Turkish. Is it a bit abrupt, or a conversational register, with all the optional words missed out? Presumably it's less formal? Thank you.


Your version is a bit more common in spoken language unless you had to stress something :)


Gimek doesn't need the accusative case?


The accusative case is (to a first approximation) only used with definite direct objects.

The shirt and the skirt in the sentence are direct objects, but not definite ("a shirt, a skirt: bir gömlek ve bir etek).


Ah, okay. Forgot that, thanks.


I did the same mistake. I must remember to look for the "the" - when absent, it is not a definite object, hence nominative case


Can giyer and takar be used interchangeably?


In other cimments they said that: Giyer is for cloths and shooes. Takar is for eccesorise (hats, rings, glasses....)


In Turkish, the verb is used at the end

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