"I wear a shirt and a skirt."

Translation:Ben bir gömlek ve bir etek giyerim.

November 29, 2015

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I wrote only "gomlek ve etek giyerim" (with the umlaut on the "o") and it was marked correct, but after seeing this complete version, I wonder how my version sounds in Turkish. Is it a bit abrupt, or a conversational register, with all the optional words missed out? Presumably it's less formal? Thank you.


Your version is a bit more common in spoken language unless you had to stress something :)


In Turkish, the verb is used at the end


Can giyer and takar be used interchangeably?


In other cimments they said that: Giyer is for cloths and shooes. Takar is for eccesorise (hats, rings, glasses....)


Is it necessary to repeat bir, I thought it is optional. But here they always mention it and it's also a mistake if you forget it. I thought it was more to emphasise.


"I wear a shirt and a skirt." Translation: Ben bir gömlek ve bir etek giyerim.


Bir gömlek ve bir etek giyerim.

Correct other Turkish answer accepted by Duo.


Is this phrase without ve correct?


Hello Ivan

Is this phrase without ve correct?

I'm saying it is correct as spoken Turkish, "bir gömlek, bir etek giyerim."

I would use the "ve" in written Turkish though.

Thank you.


I made a rhythm taht can be used in a turkish clothes store commercial and it goes like this "gözluk gömlek elbise ve etek, gözluk gömlek elbise ve etek " cotact me for business inquiries lol

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